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Use of Available Microorganisms Expanded
Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- Great efforts are directed to the use of available microorganisms in the medical domain of the DPRK.

Dozens of groups of available microorganisms including photosynthetic bacterium, actinomyces, yeast and lactic acid bacteria display a wide variety of biological activities for their compositional characteristics.

So far lactic acid and bifid bacteria have been used live for the promotion of human health.

These microorganisms help curb the propagation of harmful bacteria such as colon bacillus and increase useful ones in human intestines.

Recent researches prove that when an irradiated white rat eats extracts from an available microorganism, its testis mass and spermatogenesis indices and the size of its interstitial cells were considerably bigger than those of the rats of comparative group which drank distilled water.

Good results have been registered in the treatment of Parkinsonism, neurosis, psychosomatic disorder, rheumatic trouble, cancer, various heart diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, male and female sterility and disease of gastrointestinal tract by use of available microorganisms.

Drinks made with available microorganisms are completely free from toxicity and side-effect.

They can be drunk or added to foodstuffs and medicines and be applied to skin and mucous membrane.

The medicaments containing available microorganisms prove effective in the prevention and cure of various diseases and retard of aging.

Their use is expanding to many fields including foodstuff industry, agriculture, stock-breeding and environmental protection with big economic effects.

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