January 15. 2016 Juche 105
U.S. Should be Accustomed to Status of DPRK as Nuclear Weapons State
Certificates Awarded to Delegates to Events for Celebrating Birthday of Youth League
Art Squad of C.C., Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League Gives Performance
Brass Band March for Celebrating Anniversary of Youth League Held
Schoolchildren Give Performance to Celebrate Youth League Anniversary
Youth Delegates Visit Mangyongdae
20th Kimjongilia Festival to Be Held
DPRK Strives to Update Railways
KCTU Demands Strong Reaction to Fascist Police's Suppression
S. Korean Warmongers Keen on Increasing Military Nexus with Japan
S. Korean Police Authorities Intensify Suppression of People's Struggle
DPRK's First Successful H-bomb Test Hailed by Koreans in Kyrgyzstan
Italian Personage and South African Party Leader Hail DPRK's Successful H-bomb Test
DPRK's Possession of Nuclear Weapons Is Seen by Pyongyang's Regime as Strategic Necessity: AP
Nepali Party Praises Kim Jong Un's New Year Address
Kim Jong Un's New Year Address Introduced in Mexico, Nigeria
Organizations for Study of Juche Idea Meet in DR Congo
DPRK's First Successful H-bomb Test Supported by Ugandan, Myanmar Figures
DPRK's Successful H-bomb Test Supported by Brazilian Political Personage
DPRK's First Successful H-bomb Hailed by DR Congolese Organizations

For Spanish-speaking People
Ofrecida funcion del grupo central de propaganda artistica juvenile
Marcha de banda de instrumentos de viento por 70o aniversario de fundacion de UJS
Ofrecida funcion artistica de ninos escolares
Delegados juveniles visitan Mangyongdae y otros lugares
Se efectuara XX Festival de Kimjongilias

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