March 18. 2015 Juche 104
Kim Jong Un Inspects Combined Fishing-tackle Factory of KPA
DPRK Government Delegation Meets Raul Castro Ruz
Talks Held between Foreign Ministers of DPRK, Cuba
17th Kimilsungia Festival to Be Held Here
New Software for Weather Forecast Developed
Protection of Sanctuaries Encouraged in DPRK
Preparations for This Year's Farming Pushed forward
Sokdok Mineral Water
Sports Facilities Built or Remodeled in DPRK
South Korean Conservative Group Accused of Posting Human Scum to IS 
Strict Investigation into Election Rigging Called for in S. Korea 
Japanese Personage Demands Halt to U.S.-South Korea Joint Military Drills 
Koreans in U.S. Call for Conclusion of Peace Agreement between DPRK and U.S.
Day of Sun to Be Commemorated in Tajikistan
Day of Sun Celebrated in Guinea, Brazil

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un recorre Combinado de Instrumentos de Pesca de EPC
Canciller coreano se reune con Raul Castro Ruz
Canciller coreano conversa con su homologo cubano

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