April 4. 2013 Juche 102
U.S. Should Ponder over Grave Situation: Spokesman
CPRK Spokesman Slams S. Korean Group for Vociferating about Kaesong Industrial Zone 
Spokesman for NPCK Urges U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers to Stop Their Rash Actions
GFTUK Spokesman Supports New Revolutionary Line Laid down at Plenary Meeting of WPK Central Committee
Foreigners Pay Tribute to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il 
More Army-People Meetings Vow to Win Victory in All-out Action with U.S.
DPRK Cabinet Hosts Reception for Successful Gymnasts
Stage of Poems and Songs Given by Agricultural Workers
Spring Tree-planting Event Held by Young Red Cross Persons
National Photo Exhibition Opens
Japan's More Pronounced Moves to Distort History under Fire: News Analyst
Soldier Restored to Life from Jaws of DeathDeclaracion de portavoz de Estado Mayor General de EPC
New Kind of DCCS Developed in DPRK
Poster for Kimilsungia Festival Produced
Various Species of Turf Cultivated in DPRK
Gluten Production Streamlined in DPRK 
KCNA Commentary Slams South Korean Warmonger's Reckless Remarks
S. Korean Police Searches House of Member of Progressive Body
First Int'l Preparatory Meeting for WFYS Supports Korean People's Just Cause
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Swiss Internet
Kim Jong Un's Work Posted on Website of Austrian Organization
Day of Sun to Be Marked in Tunisia
Korean People Will Achieve Final Victory: British Organizations
DPRK Will Mercilessly Wipe out Aggressors: Russians
Political Party and Organization of Russia Support Statement of KPA Supreme Command
Bangladeshi Figure Supports Statement of KPA Supreme Command

For Spanish-speaking People
Declaracion de portavoz de Estado Mayor General de EPC
Cierre de ZIK se va haciendo realidad, opina vocero de CRPP
FGSC declara imponer fin a los agresores
Continuan mitines de militares y civiles en ciudades y distritos
Consejo de Ministros ofrece banquete por Ri Se Gwang y Kim Jin Hyok

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