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Lathe No. 26 Associated with Kim Jong Il's Patriotism
Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- The Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly on Thursday issued a decree on awarding the title of Labor Hero to lathe No. 26 at the Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory.

Lathe No. 26 is a historic one with which the model machine movement was launched in the country. This machine had operated in full capacity over last more than 50 years and was developed into a CNC lathe, contributing to the production of many spare parts needed for textile and other important equipment of the country.

From April 21 to May 8 in 1961, General Secretary Kim Jong Il personally operated the lathe at the Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory for production practice during his days of study at Kim Il Sung University. In the period he set an example of managing the machine with deep care.

Later, he visited the factory and said that he would always remember the days of production practice with the lathe.

The Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory and other industrial establishments across the country have steadily conducted the movement to create model lathes following the example of Lathe No. 26. In the course many machines won the title of "Lathe No. 26" Model Machine and a large number of workteams and workshops twice or thrice "Lathe No. 26" Model Workteam or Model Workshop Title.

Lathe No. 26 implants all the workers and other people in the country with Kim Jong Il's patriotism and encourage them to performing great feats in socialist construction.

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