October 8. 2012 Juche 101
Kim Yong Nam Greets Ugandan President on Its 50th Independence Day
Choe Thae Bok Meets Delegation of Parliamentary Group of Germany
Yang Hyong Sop Meets Nigerian Ambassador
Floral Baskets and Congratulations to Kim Jong Un from Foreign Diplomatic Envoys
Kim Jong Un Sends Birthday Spread to Centenarian
Kim Jong Un Sends Birthday Spread to Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Fighter
Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held
Performance Given by Young Art Squad
Performance Given by Successful Participants in Individual Art Contest
Premiere of Acrobatic Drama "Tale of Chun Hyang"
Staff Members of AINDF Pyongyang Mission Visit Party Founding Museum
Foreign Diplomats Visit Party Founding Memorial Tower, People's Pleasure Park
French Political Figure Visits Mangyongdae
Foreign Guests Visit Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
Nigerian Government Delegation Arrives
At Least 10,000 Exemplary Teachers Produced This Year
Mammary Gland Tumor Institute Goes Operation at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital
Multimedia Program "Encyclopedia of Acupuncture and Moxibustion" Developed
New Tourist Itineraries Proposed in DPRK
Lathe No. 26 Associated with Kim Jong Il's Patriotism
Turf Planted and Cultivated as Mass Movement
Japan Urged to Settle Its Past Crimes without Fail
Indelible Crime of Japanese Imperialists Condemned
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Advancing along Road of Juche
Fascist Law Exam in S. Korean Police Creates Uproar
Seoul District Court Accused of Sentencing Inhabitant to Jail Term
Implementation of North-South Declarations Called for in S. Korea
Anniversary of DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration Observed in Japan
Kim Jong Un's Work Posted on Internet Website
DPRK's Important Anniversary Marked Abroad
Foreign Paper, Internet Homepages Mark Anniversary of October 4 Declaration
Proposal for Founding DFRK and October 4 Declaration Hailed by Foreign Social Bodies
October 4 Declaration Hailed by Foreign Social Bodies
Political Party Leader of Democratic Congo Supports WPK and Korean People
Nepalese Media Introduce DPRK

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un asiste al acto central por el 8 de octubre
Kim Yong Nam felicita al presidente de Uganda
Choe Thae Bok se reune con delegacion alemana
Yang Hyong Sop se reune con nuevo embajador nigeriano

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