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Russian Newspaper on Kim Jong Il's Visit to Russia

Pyongyang, October 16 (KCNA) -- The 37th issue of the Russian newspaper Veteran carried a special write-up dealing with leader Kim Jong Il's visit to the Siberian and Far East regions of Russia.

The newspaper carried a photo of Kim Jong Il meeting with the Russian president as well as his photo receiving a bouquet from a Russian woman and others.

Under the headline "Meeting in Russia" the paper carried the following article:

Kim Jong Il met Russian President Medvedev in Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryatiya Republic, and had talks with him on August 24.

Medvedev warmly welcomed Kim Jong Il who visited Russia three times in the new century greatly contributing to developing the Russia-DPRK friendship on behalf of the Russian government and people and expressed high respect for him.

At the talks Kim Jong Il and Medvedev stressed that to boost the long-standing traditional Russia-DPRK relations of friendship and cooperation is not only in line with the desire and fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries but is of great significance in developing Northeast Asia and defending global peace and security.

At the talks they exchanged a wide-ranging view on regional and international issues and manifested the will of the two countries to make a positive contribution to ensuring global peace and security by standing against high-handed and arbitrary practices in the international arena.

Kim Jong Il acquainted himself in detail with the people's life in the Republic of Buryatiya while staying there.

He made an entry in the visitor's book after touring the Bureya Hydro-electric Power Plant.

He was accorded the warmest reception and cordial hospitality during his visit.

He was warmly received by Russian people wherever he went.

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