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Kangwon Province Takes on New Look
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Kangwon Province in the eastern part of Korea boasts of many scenic spots and tourist attractions, including Mt. Kumgang and Songdowon.

The province has taken on a new look in the Songun (military-first) era.

The two-stage modernization project of the Kosan Fruit Farm was completed in April, with much more than a million high-yield dwarf apple trees planted in hundreds of hectares.

Many dwelling houses have been built in the province.

The province carried out a grand nature-remaking project to reduce ridges of rice fields extending 12,000 km to some 5,600 km, realign some 233,800 patches into 65,500 fields of standardized shapes and obtain 1,760 hectares of new land.

A saltern and power station appeared in Wonsan.

The night view of the light-decorated city is a spectacular sight.

Another power station is now under construction in Wonsan.

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