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Papers Editorially Commemorate Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung
Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) -- Newspapers Friday dedicate editorials dealing with the undying exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung for the people to his birth anniversary.

Rodong Sinmun says: Kim Il Sung was the peerlessly great man who devoted everything to the happiness of the people all his life with the noblest view on the people which no one in the world could ever possess.

The Juche idea founded by the President is the immortal guiding idea showing the popular masses the true way to always triumph and the socialist cause of Juche started by him is the most just cause of bringing the ideal and happiness of the people into bloom in all aspects.

The President's founding of the Juche idea was the quintessence of his noble ideal of valuing the people. It was the cherished view of the President that fully reflecting the desire and wishes of the people would amount to a great idea and revolutionary line. The ideas and theories enunciated by him became an invincible banner for the Korean revolution enjoying absolute support from the people because he always mixed himself with the people and valued their will.

The great wisdom and energies devoted by the President to carrying out the socialist cause of Juche find their manifestation in that he made sure the Workers' Party of Korea and the state consistently pursued the politics based on love and trust, benevolent politics and led the officials to implement the revolutionary mass line and embody the spirit of devoted service to the people.

It is the real picture of Korean-style socialism under which it is the starting point and the supreme principle of the party and state activities to improve the standard of people's living and everything is oriented and subordinated to bringing happiness to the people.

The noble intention and cause of the President are being successfully carried forward by General Secretary Kim Jong Il and they are becoming brilliant realities.

Minju Joson calls upon all the people to unite close around the Central Committee of the WPK headed by Kim Jong Il and work hard to accomplish the cause of building a thriving socialist nation and the revolutionary cause of Juche started by the President.

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