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Koguryo's Chomsongdae Discovered in Mt. Taesong Area
Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) -- A ruined Chomsongdae (astronomical observatory) discovered recently in Anhak-dong, Taesong District, Pyongyang has been proved to be built in the period of Koguryo.

It covers about 380 square meters. Its upper part was destroyed so much that its original shape is unimaginable, but the lower part still remains almost intact.

It consists of mainly two structures -- a quadrilateral structure and a heptangular subsidiary structure surrounding it.

From the archaeological point of view the latter's platform was apparently some 20 meters in diameter and the former was a column-shaped vacant stone structure. The Chomsongdae built with trimmed granite stones is little different from that in Kyongju in shape.

Relics unearthed in the site are similar to those in Taesongsan Fort and the ruined Anhak Royal Palace in color, quality and pattern. The fact shows the Chomsongdae in the Mt. Taesong area existed in the same period with the fort and palace.

According to the radiocarbon dating of charcoal pieces from the quadrilateral structure, the Chomsongdae was built 1 500-1 600 years ago.

It goes to tell the Chomsongdae was constructed when the Anhak Royal Palace was built after Koguryo transferred its capital to Pyongyang in 427.

The discovery of the Chomsongdae, which had been known only by historical records, proves again that Pyongyang is a time-honored city and a cultural hub of the nation boasting of fifty centuries.

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