November 17. 2009 Juche 98
Kim Yong Nam Greets Omani Sultan
KPA Political Officials Delegation Leaves for China
DPRK Delegations to Visit Various Countries
Russian Government Donate Food to DPRK
Joint Appeal Released by Inter-Korean Organizations
Independence Day of Poland Observed
Profitable Lag Developed
Telemedicine Service Realized
KCNA Issue Interim Report on Construction of Huichon Power Station
U.S. and S. Korean "OPLAN 5029" Blamed
Japanese Reactionaries' Sabre Rattling Blasted
Dynamic General Advance Urged
Improved Inter-Korean Relations Demanded
Rodong Sinmun on Unshakable Faith in Socialism
Kim Jong Il's Songun Leadership Exploits Lauded
Kim Jong Suk's Exploits Praised
Books and Collections of Poems Published in Foreign Countries
Double-Cropping Done by Kim Jong Il

For Spanish-speaking People
Informacion detallada de ATCC sobre obra de la central de Huichon
ATCC critica el "plan operacional 5029" que persigue la Guerra
Rodong Sinmun condena ejercicio de desembarco en Japon
Entidades del Norte y el Sur de Corea publican llamamiento

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