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School Youth and Children Visit Mangyongdae
Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- School youth and children in Pyongyang are visiting Mangyongdae, a sacred place of revolution, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

This place was visited on Tuesday by thousands of pupils and students of primary and secondary schools including Kim Song Ju Primary School, Pyongyang Primary School No. 4, Pyongyang Ryongwang Secondary School and Pyongyang Changjon Secondary School.

They formed ranks in front of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and started their march to Mangyongdae, carrying the flags bearing the portraits of Kim Il Sung and General Secretay
Kim Jong Il in the van of the ranks.

After arriving in Mangyongdae, they laid bouquets before the graves of Kim Po Hyon and Ri Po Ik, grandfather and grandmother of the President, and Kim Hyong Jik and Kang Pan Sok, his father and mother, and paid silent tribute to them.

In the yard of Kim Il Sung's old home in Mangyongdae, the visitors looked round the relics carefully preserved there, being briefed on the fact that he was born and spent his childhood at this historic home while fostering the high ambition to liberate the country and embarked on the road of revolution in his early years.

They visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum and went round revolutionary sites and relics in Mangyongdae.

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