November 22. 2008 Juche 97
Greetings to Lebanese President
Kim Yong Nam Meets Palestinian Ambassador
DPRK FM Meets Palestinian Ambassador
Anniversary of DPRK-China Agreement Marked
DPRK Girls Football Team Returns Home
Kwangbok Street Designated as Greening Model
First Snow in Pyongyang
Imperialists' Despicable Scheme to Lead DPRK to "Reform" and "Opening" Flailed
Anniversary of Kim Il Sung's Work Observed
Escalated Movement for National Reunification Called for
S. Korean Puppets' Policy of Dependence on Outsiders Blasted
Puppet Authorities' Suppression Accused in S. Korea
Repeal of "National Security Law" Urged in S. Korea
Negotiations on Sharing Upkeep of U.S. Troops Protested
Lee Myung Bak's Anti-DPRK Moves Blasted in Austria
Disbandment of S. Korea-U.S. "Combined Forces Command" Demanded in UK
Seminar on Juche Idea Held in Romania
Talks Held between Speakers of DPRK and Russian Parliaments

For Spanish-speaking People
Choe Thae Bok se reune con Serguei Mironov
Banquete por aniversario 55 de firma de convenio Corea-China
Reparto Kwangbok-unidad modelo de pais en creacion de areas verdes
Sindicato austriaco envia carta de protesta a banda de Lee Myung Bak

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