November 14. 2008 Juche 97
North-South Joint Seminar Held
DPRK Girls' Football Team Advances into Finals
Kimchi-making Season for Winter
West Coastline of Korea Gets Shorter
Japanese Reactionaries' Lobbying for Anti-DPRK Resolution under Fire
Lee Myung Bak Group's Reckless Anti-Reunification Acts Assailed
Struggle against Separatist Forces' Moves Called for
Lee Myung Bak Regime's Anti-Reunification Deeds Flayed in S. Korea
Seminar on Kim Jong Il's Work Held in Mexico

For Spanish-speaking People
Seminario conjunto Norte-Sur contra tergiversacion de historia por Japon
ACR anuncia importante medida en cuanto a las relaciones N-S
Rodong Sinmun exhorta a frustrar maniobras de fuerzas divisionistas
Rodong Sinmun rechaza intencion de fraguar "proyecto" anti-RPDC

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