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Mt Kumgang Is Not Common Property of North and South
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Leaves of trees on Piro Peak seem to turn further golden and waves in Sea Kumgang to make greater swashes at the grandiose measure taken by the Central Committee of our Party to demolish without trace the south side's facilities that sprawled out only to mar the beautiful scenery of the famous mountain, and to turn it into the people's resort envied by the whole world and modern international tourist resort of our style.

But the south side has behaved awkwardly from the beginning as regards our new project for the development of Mt Kumgang tourist area.

On October 25, the relevant institution of our side, in reflection of the firm will of the Central Committee of our Party, sent to the Unification Ministry and the Hyundai Asan Co. Ltd of south Korea a message asking them to send us a plan for the withdrawal of the south side's facilities in Mt Kumgang area and corresponding schedules, and to make an earlier agreement by way of exchanging documents.

The south Korean authorities responded with senseless words like "initiative method" and "proposal of technical talks". As it seemed that they did not understand clearly what we asked, we, on October 29 and November 6, again notified them of our fixed intention.

We made clear our stand in mother tongue, but the south Korean authorities pretended ignorance, uttering "in-depth discussion" and "necessity of visit by a joint inspection team".

The south Korean authorities left the facilities for the tour of Mt Kumgang untouched for over a decade in fear of the U.S. Only after they are pressed with the withdrawal of those facilities, they are dismayed, begging us to let them stay even at a corner of the mountain and take part in the resumption of the tour. How can they be called, pitiful or shameful?

Provided that the timetable is set, we can not while away time, only exchanging messages.

Therefore, on November 11 we sent an ultimatum, warning that if the south Korean authorities persist in their useless assertion, we will take it as an abandonment of the withdrawal, and take resolute measure for unilaterally pulling down the facilities.

However, they have remained answerless until today.

When we gave enough time and opportunities, enduring huge losses on our side, and when we showed the magnanimity out of compatriotic feelings of allowing the resumption of the tour of Mt Kumgang without any precondition and in return for nothing, they remained retracted while reading this face and that face. Now they are faced a bolt from the blue. It's like raising an axe to bring it down on its own feet.

Being steeped in the sense of flunkeyism to the marrow of their bones, they, not coming to their senses even at this crucial moment when the fate of their facilities is like a light before the wind, went to the U.S. to make an entreaty, letting loose senseless utterances that "the issue of tour of Mt Kumgang should be handled in the DPRK-U.S. negotiations" and "substantial discussion of the tour can be possible only when progress is made in the negotiations for the denuclearization". But their master only remained cold.

By origin, the issue of the development of Mt Kumgang tourist area is never an issue to be interfered in by the south Korean authorities and they have already disqualified from doing so.

To make it clear again, Mt Kumgang is our land where our sovereignty is exercised and our noted mountain where even a tree and a cliff is associated with our sovereignty and dignity.

The diamond mountain, the best in the world, which all the world people want to see saying "See Mt Kumgang and then die" is clearly neither the common property of the north and the south nor the place symbolic of north-south reconciliation and cooperation.

We will develop Mt Kumgang to be the world renowned tourist resort with responsibility and in our own way as its owner for the sake of the nation and posterity.

There is no room for south Korea to find its place there.

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