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Kim Jong Un Supervises Test-launch of Inter-continental Ballistic Rocket Hwasong-14
Pyongyang, July 5 (KCNA) -- The scientists and technicians of the DPRK Academy of Defence Science on July 4 successfully carried out the test-launch of the inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 newly developed by them under the personal guidance of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test-launch on the spot.

Over a few days ahead of the test-launch, he frequented the place where the general drive for assembling the rocket was underway and meticulously guided the scientists and technicians in their busy preparations for the test-launch.

Feasting his eyes on the newly made inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14, he stressed that the protracted showdown with the U.S. imperialists has reached its final phase and it is the time for the DPRK to demonstrate its mettle to the U.S. which is testing its will in defiance of its warning.

At dawn of the day of the test-launch he again came out to the rocket test-launching ground to acquaint himself with the plan for the test-launch.

The test-launch was aimed to confirm the tactical and technological specifications and technological features of the newly developed inter-continental ballistic rocket capable of carrying large-sized heavy nuclear warhead and to finally verify all technical features of the payload of the rocket during its atmospheric reentry including the heat-resisting features and structural safety of the warhead tip of ICBM made of newly developed domestic carbon compound material, in particular.

By order of the respected Supreme Leader, the inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 of Juche Korea was launched on 9:00 a.m.

The test-launch confirmed the features of the rocket's blast-off from its launching pad and technological features of its guidance and stability system in its active-flight stages and structural system.

It also reconfirmed the features of starting and stopping the first-stage high-thrust engine and confirmed the starting, stopping and working features of the newly developed second-stage engine of higher thrust under actual flying conditions.

It also checked the operational accuracy and creditability of the newly designed stage-separation system, reconfirmed the attitude control features of the heavy warhead in intermediate course after its separation from the rocket and confirmed the homing features and structural safety during the harshest atmospheric reentry environment.

Specifically, the inner temperature of the warhead tip was maintained at 25 to 45 degrees centigrade despite the harsh atmospheric reentry conditions of having to face the heat reaching thousands of degrees centigrade, extreme overload and vibration, the nuclear warhead detonation control device successfully worked, and the warhead accurately hit the targeted waters without any structural breakdown at the end of its flight.

The test-fire verified that the maneuverability of the mobile launcher loaded with an inter-continental ballistic rocket and all technological specifications of preparatory processes for launch were suited to the tactical and technological requirements of the weapon system.

He watched the flight of the rocket displayed on monitors at the observation post.

He analyzed the results of the test-fire of Hwasong-14 and declared that it was a very great success.

He, with a broad smile on his face, told officials, scientists and technicians that the U.S. would be displeased to witness the DPRK's strategic option as it was given a "package of gifts" incurring its disfavor by the DPRK on its "Independence Day", calling on them with to frequently send big and small "gift packages" to the Yankees as ever so that they would not feel weary.

He highly praised the scientists and technicians of the Academy of Defence Science for thrillingly succeeding at one try in even the test-launch of Hwasong-14 capable of striking the U.S. mainland this time, thus fully demonstrating the dignity of independent Juche Korea and indomitable spirit of its heroic people and devotedly defending the absolute authority of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Saying that the great success in the test-launch of Hwasong-14 is another brilliant victory of the Korean people in their struggle against the U.S.-led imperialists, he expressed high respect and thanks to the great Korean people who have absolutely supported and upheld the WPK's line of simultaneously developing the two fronts without any vacillation despite the U.S. imperialists' and their followers' blatant challenge and manifold hardships.

Noting that the overall national power and strategic position of the DPRK have been put on a new level as it is possessed of A-bomb, H-bomb and even inter-continental ballistic rocket, he said that everyone should take pride in having firmly consolidated the powerful nuclear war deterrence despite the hostile forces' persistent pressure and sanctions.

He stressed that the DPRK would neither put its nukes and ballistic rockets on the table of negotiations in any case nor flinch even an inch from the road of bolstering the nuclear force chosen by itself unless the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threat to the DPRK are definitely terminated.

He had a photo session with the scientists, technicians and officials of the Academy of Defence Science who successfully conducted the test-launch of Hwasong-14.

He was accompanied by Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Rak Gyom, Kim Jong Sik, Jong Sung Il, Jang Chang Ha, Jon Il Ho, Yu Jin and Jo Yong Won.

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