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Truth of Anti-DPRK Campaign Conducted by S. Korean Authorities Abroad
Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- The Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK on Thursday issued the following research paper under the title of "Truth of the Despicable Anti-DPRK Smear Campaign Conducted by the south Korean Authorities Abroad ":

The year of 2016 is very significant for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea that successfully carried out the first H-bomb test, by which its strategic position has dramatically been strengthened.

Being defensive in the north-south political and military showdown, the south Korean authorities are now desperately engaged in a shabby psychological warfare against the north to get rid of the miserable situation.

The smear campaign conducted abroad by the south Korean authorities against DPRK citizens has reached an unprecedented level and causes a great anxiety among the people.

The Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK releases the research paper to reveal the shabbiness and viciousness of the anti-DPRK smear campaign conducted abroad by the south Korean authorities.


 Despicable Blackmail, Appeasement and Agitation Maneuvers encouraging "Defection from the North"

The anti-DPRK smear campaign by the south Korean authorities focuses on an operation for encouraging "defection from the north" among DPRK citizens working abroad.

The south Korean authorities, filled with antagonism and hostility against the fellow countrymen in the north, commit all kinds of reckless inhumane atrocities, clamoring about "all-out offensive" to instigate DPRK citizens to defect to the south.

This year, in particular, their maneuvers to allure and abduct DPRK citizens abroad have reached an unprecedented level in its shabbiness and viciousness.

Traitor Park Geun Hye in her address marking "Day of 'ROK' Army" in October made the reckless remarks openly agitating DPRK inhabitants to "defect to the south". It shows clearly that south Korea's agitation for "defection" has reached the climax.

Today the south Korean Intelligence Service is desperate to massively spread publications, letters, CDs and USBs vilifying and slandering the supreme leadership and the social system of the DPRK and agitating "defection to the south" by postal matters and e-mails targeting the DPRK diplomatic and trade missions, its officials and their family members.

Following the guidelines of the psychological tricky propaganda of the south Korean Intelligence Service, Kang Chol Hwan, so-called "representative of the Center for the Strategy on North Korea", continued to send the magazine of "Yosong Joson" (Korea Women) to tens of DPRK missions abroad, with his handwritten letters and SD cards, inserted in the magazines slandering our social system and agitating "defection to the south" in the disguised name of the "General Association of Koreans in China" during the period from September to November this year alone.

On October 5, 2016, Mun Chol Ung, who betrayed the nation and defected to south Korea, turned up in India, accompanied with several south Korean Intelligence Service agents, and made several phone calls to his former Korean acquaintances working in New Delhi and tried to coax them into defecting to south Korea.

In August and September 2016 in Cambodia, an agent of the south Korean Intelligence Service approached several times a DPRK citizen who was due to return home after his tenure of office and tried to coax him into defecting to south Korea. When his attempt was in vain, the agent made no scruple of threatening and blackmailing the DPRK citizen.

The competitive alluring operations committed by the south Korean agents abroad targeting DPRK citizens resulted in such an inhuman crime like a group abduction of our women workers, which took place in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China in April 2016.

The south Korean authorities disguised the group abduction, an unpardonable crime against humanity, as "group defection" to demonstrate the "justness" and "effectiveness" of their "one-sided policy of pressurizing the north".

Scared by the full disclosure of the abduction, the south Korean authorities still keep the women abductees away from media and continue to violate human rights by turning down the demand of the parents of the abductees for their visit to Seoul and proposals for their meetings.

Consequently, the parents and families of the abductees, who were forced to live separated from their lovely daughters in broad daylight, not at wartime, are overcome with grief and shock, struggling to know their whereabouts. No such case is found in other parts of the world today and it is really the most serious human rights abuses.

Acts of agitating "defection" by the south Korean authorities are nothing but a hideous violation of human rights aimed at separating other DPRK citizens just like the women abductees from both their motherland and flesh and blood.

The south Korean authorities are now making much fuss about the adoption of a report by the Office of UNHCR on the issue of separated families and relatives and its immediate implementation. But, in fact, they are trying to deceive the world by pretending to be truly concerned about the solution of the humanitarian matters between the north and the south.

They are chiefly to blame for spawning the new issue of divided families and relatives in the 21st century by appeasement and deception and allurement and abduction of DPRK citizens. It is the most hypocritical for them to talk about the resolution of the same issue dating back to the 20th century. The south Korean authorities are the most shameless criminals in the world.


 Smear Campaign against the DPRK through Fraud and Deception

In the past, the south Korean authorities mainly focused on the radio broadcasting and scattering leaflets for psychological warfare in the areas along the DMZ. But today, they extend the scope of psychological warfare to the DPRK citizens abroad in various parts of the world, vilifying the DPRK with absurd and preposterous stories.

The ghost organizations including "Free Gathering", "Defectors' Gathering", "Committee for Reform and Opening of the DPRK" which are backed by the south Korean Intelligence Service keep sending various tricky materials to the DPRK missions and its officials through DHL, e-mails and fax, magazines titled "Yosong Donga" and "Yimjingang" and other kinds of PDF data titled "Arirang", "Pyongyang News to Comrades", "New Pyongyang News", which are full of distorted stories vilifying the DPRK.

O Myong Su (it can be the false name) and other agents of the south Korean Intelligence Service do not hesitate to commit mean and dirty political provocations in disregard of international law and elementary ethics and morality by cunningly rewriting articles and stories of the DPRK main newspapers including Rodong Sinmun and other publications and distributing them to DPRK citizens abroad through internet.

The meanness of the psychological warfare conducted by the south Korean authorities is found in recruiting a handful of criminals and traitors who betrayed their parents, sisters and brothers and fled to the south, seeking their own comfort, to the intelligence and secret services against the north and in inciting them to slander the supreme leadership and social system of the DPRK.

Even the notorious media are used by the south Korean authorities for disseminating the distorted news about the DPRK.

In May 2016, the south Korean "Yonhap News" released a groundless report that the London-based DPRK insurance office had been searched and seized by the law enforcement authorities of the UK and its representatives had been expelled. The office was in fact operating normal in full compliance with local laws and regulations at that time.

On the other hand, KBS and MBC, south Korea's leading broadcasting companies, made a report on a "group defection to the south" by DPRK waitresses working in a Korean restaurant in Dandong, Liaoning Province, China. Later, the report was proved to be false and mocked by the international community for inconsistency of the place and the time of the story.

Then, what ultimate aim the south Korean authorities are seeking through their anti-DPRK psychological warfare getting more desperate and persistent than ever before.

It is to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena and destroy the political stability and the single-minded unity of the socialist system in the DPRK, which is the most advantageous in the world and in which the leader, the Party and the popular masses are firmly united.

Based on the shaman's prophecy that the "DPRK would collapse in two years' period", Park Geun Hye, from the beginning of her office, has dreamed about " unification of social systems " and totally denied the DPRK's good will and proactive proposals to improve the inter-Korean relations. She has pursued the policy of confrontation with the fellow countrymen, while toeing the hostile policy to isolate and stifle the DPRK and the Asia-Pacific pivot strategy of the United States.

However, the single-minded unity of the whole society in which all the service personnel and people are firmly rallied around their leadership is growing stronger with each passing day despite the anti-DPRK smear campaign by the south Korean authorities.

In the DPRK, the state considers the sufferings of the people as the most painful state of emergency and pursues a policy of turning a misfortune into a blessing by mobilizing all resources of the country. Thanks to the noble policy of loving the popular masses, the northern area of the DPRK which was totally devastated by typhoon and flood has turned into a cradle of happiness in less than two months. It is a stark reality in the DPRK where all the people, deeply moved by the gratitude of the Party and the socialist system, are firmly determined to defend them.

The south Korean authorities are finding themselves in the abyss of ruin due to the extreme political chaos caused by the shaman's abuse of power and the passage of the motion on impeaching the "president" through the "National Assembly." They are so foolish as to resort to the psychological warfare, a ridiculous attempt to hide the sun with a palm of a hand.

Organized Criminal Acts to Embroil Other Nations in Smear Campaign against DPRK

The south Korean authorities are resorting to all sorts of means and methods in embroiling other nations in their shabby anti-DPRK hostilities.

Typical of those maneuvers is the south Korean authorities' hectic diplomacy for soliciting cooperation of other nations in pressurizing the DPRK, peddling the illegal "resolutions on sanctions" which took issue with the DPRK's measures for bolstering nuclear deterrent, a legitimate exercise of an inalienable right of a sovereign state to self-defense, and their frantic smear campaign against it.

They are interfering in internal affairs of other nations by relying on tricky maneuvers to cut or sabotage the mutually beneficial cooperation between the DPRK and other nations. In order to cook up "human rights issues" related to DPRK labor forces abroad and disseminate them, they are engaged in all sorts of tricky games by mobilizing experts and instruments for fabricating false photos, videos and recorded information, etc.

What is more intolerable is that they have set up printing houses, supply workshops for anti-DPRK propaganda publications, command posts and liaison offices for taking inhabitants of the DPRK to south Korea in various parts of the world. Not content with this, they are bribing residents of foreign countries to track, follow and closely watch DPRK officials and civilians. These operations have turned those countries into a theatre of confrontation between the north and the south and reduce local residents to shock forces for inter-Korean confrontation.

In some countries, some local residents tempted by dirty money paid by agents of the south Korean Intelligence Service are actively involved in the plots against DPRK diplomats. Sometimes they are caught on the spot by its officials to suffer shame, sparking diplomatic disputes between Pyongyang and relevant countries.

Typical of them is the car-chasing case that took place in Myanmar.

In October 2016, two unidentified cars tailed and followed every track of the normal and regular conducts of DPRK diplomats for over 10 days.

In the afternoon of October 7, 2016 one of our diplomats discovered the car which had persistently chased his car, stopped it and signaled the chasing car to halt. But the unidentified car ran away immediately. Such crime continued afterwards.

The next day, our diplomat managed to catch the following car and made enquiries to the local residents inside the car. They made some excuses, avoiding direct answers to the questions raised by our diplomat and had a hard time to prove their "innocence".

The scope of the anti-DRPK covert operations overseas and the means and the amount of funds used by the south Korean authorities are quite beyond imagination. This clearly proves that the confrontational policy of south Korea against the fellow countrymen has already reached an extremely dangerous phase.

The smear campaign of the south Korean authorities is reminding one of the "Color Revolution" and the "Arab Spring" for which the U.S. and its vassal forces regret as their policy failure at present. It is politically-motivated terrorism to cause social chaos and bloodshed inside a sovereign state.

The DPRK sincerely wishes for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and peaceful national reunification. However, it will never pardon the south Korean authorities who have responded to the good will and generosity with evil acts.

All the countries and governments of the world are kindly advised to squarely look at the current situation of the inter-Korean relations and the danger of the anti-DPRK smear campaign of the south Korean authorities.

They should be vigilant against politically-motivated terrorism and human rights abuses of the south Korean authorities who are turning not only the Korean peninsula but foreign countries into theatres of inter-Korean confrontation.

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