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Open Questionnaire of DPRK Institute of International Studies
Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- The Institute of International Studies of the DPRK on Tuesday released an open questionnaire "Does on Earth the United States Know It Is Doomed to Failure in Its Outrageous Anti-DPRK Human Rights Campaign", which reads in full text:

The United States, styling itself the "human rights judge" on the international stage, abuses human rights issues more undisguisedly to interfere in other countries' internal affairs and violate their sovereignty.

It labels those countries that uphold anti-imperialism and independence against its domination-oriented strategy as "countries of evil" or "countries stricken with human rights issues". And it even tries to overthrow their governments.

Notably, upset by the DPRK's quantum leap and sophistication of its nuclear capabilities, the United States is hell-bent on the smear campaign to isolate and stifle the DPRK by politicizing and hyping up the latter's "human rights issue".

Outgoing Obama, Kerry and other U.S. authorities argue that every possible measure should be adopted to address "north Korea's human rights issue". The Congress claims it would further extend the "north Korean human rights act" to 2022.

More ridiculously, the United States stages a series of farces such as the "hearing on north Korea's human rights situation" on the basis of false testimonies given by the human scum who fled their country after committing crimes and are now desperate to earn their living. In November, it goaded the European Union and Japan to cook up another anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the Third Committee of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Obama clique, which has pursued "strategic patience" in vain, makes a last-ditch attempt this time to make up for its failed DPRK policy by stepping up the outrageous human rights campaign.

Given that the DPRK is now making big strides by dint of its strong military strength and self-reliance and self-development, it is crystal clear that the human rights campaign against the DPRK serves a sinister political purpose: to tarnish its prestige and image and to stamp out its ideology and system.

On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, the Institute of International Studies of the DPRK releases this open questionnaire to vehemently condemn the U.S. nonsensical human rights campaign and pronounce the inevitability of its failure.

1. Does the United States ever know about the human rights situation of the DPRK where the leader and people form a harmonious whole and people are fully enjoying their rights?

The United States has called the DPRK "illegitimate and unlawful regime" and talked about "human rights sanctions", even going to the extremes of pointing an accusing finger at the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.

The former UN "special rapporteur" on the human rights situation in the DPRK even argued that, as part of the "human rights sanctions", restriction should be placed on the DPRK's access to the Olympics and other international competitions. Such a ridiculous argument runs against the sacred Olympic ideal.

What a pity the United States is still far out of touch with the actual situation of the DPRK.

The DPRK is a genuine people's country. It is based on people-centred political philosophy that the masses of the people are the master of society and everything serves them. In short, the DPRK is the only socialist state in the world which holds the people-first principle as its political ideal.

In the DPRK, the leader and people are firmly bound together with love, affection and a bond of kinship. The leader believes in the people as in heaven while the latter reveres the former as their saviour and father. Such single-minded unity cannot be found in any other parts of the world.

It is a commonplace in the DPRK to see people--be they a worker, farmer, scientist, artiste, soldier or even child--opening their hearts to their leader when they meet him and shedding tears of emotion, grasping his hand reluctant to part from him.

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the Workers' Party of Korea and the government, the people are fully exercising and enjoying human rights in every realm of social life. But U.S. authorities are too steeped in hostility and prejudice against the DPRK to see this reality.

The DPRK makes sure every member of society is given rights to politics, labour, rest, education, medical service and other social activities in a comprehensive and sufficient manner.

Everyone benefits from the free education and free healthcare systems, and the government provides the ordinary working people with houses gratis.

Indeed, top and absolute priority is given to the people's desire and demand, and their interests and convenience, and everything serves them.

Given this, if the United States tries to apply to the DPRK its standards for human rights it has habitually used to interfere in others' internal affairs, or if it dares to do harm to the dignified socialist system of the DPRK under the pretext of "protecting human rights", it would be nothing but ignorance and pipe dream.

The United States should act prudently, well aware of the socialist system the Korean people chose for themselves and have taken as their life and soul. And it should also see squarely the brilliant reality of the DPRK in which people are enjoying every possible right on the highest level, united as one in mind around their leader.

2. Can the United States admit to the world that the human rights racket it makes against the DPRK, in parallel with the nuclear issue, is designed to overthrow its socialist system?

U.S. hierarchy including Obama and Kerry take every opportunity to build public opinion against the DPRK, making such absurd remarks that the DPRK pours a colossal amount of money into its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes and that they are concerned about its residents' livelihood.

Above all, when it comes to the human rights issue, the United States has no right whatsoever to take issue with the DPRK's self-defensive military buildup.

Who on earth has not recognized the ideology and system chosen by the people of the DPRK since the very first day of the country? Who on earth has caused the vicious cycle of confrontation in and around the Korean peninsula with nuclear threats and moves for unleashing another war of aggression? And who on earth has imposed harsh sanctions unparalleled in history?

It is none other than the United States that compelled the DPRK to build nuclear weapons. And it is the U.S. hostility that still drives the DPRK into upgrading its nuclear capability.

The point is that the ongoing anti-DPRK human rights racket coincides with the unprecedentedly large-scale nuclear war games that are often staged on the peninsula to remove the DPRK's nuclear deterrent.

The United States, which has lost out in the nuclear standoff with the DPRK, now seeks an excuse for another war against the latter by abusing the human rights issue, in a last-ditch attempt to isolate and stifle it.

The DPRK has built the nuclear deterrent of justice by surmounting all difficulties, and it is an absolutely just self-defensive measure aimed at protecting national sovereignty and the people's genuine human rights from the United States that tries to stifle its system.

A devastating war might have broken out in the Korean peninsula, had the DPRK failed to channel efforts into building up the self-defensive military capability, with the nuclear force as the backbone, in the face of the long-standing, ever-increasing U.S. nuclear threats and hostility.

Thanks to this powerful nuclear deterrent, the DPRK has been able to defend national security and the people's well-being and put great efforts into economic construction, opening up bright prospects for building a powerful socialist country where the people can lead a peaceful, affluent and civilized life.

The United States and its vassal forces, though belatedly, should see what is happening in the flood-hit northern areas of the DPRK at least, instead of talking such nonsense that the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets cost huge sums of money and the people's livelihood is in a mess.

Others might have yielded to such an unheard-of disaster or could not have thought of rising up for years. But the DPRK mobilized and concentrated all its human and material potentials to work a miracle of turning misfortune into blessing in a matter of 60 days by building dozens of marvellous villages and streets on the banks of the Tuman River in the afflicted northern areas of North Hamgyong Province. Over 11,900 victim families have moved into better new houses at the same time.

This is the epitome of Korean-style socialism that can be brought about only by the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government, which hold it as their supreme principle of activities to prioritize, respect and love the people and regard it as their mode of existence to serve them with devotion. And such a wonder can never be desired or imitated by others.

The world has been astounded by this singular reality and is envious of it.

U.S. desperate persistence in the row over human rights in parallel with the nuclear issue demonstrates that it is revealing more undisguisedly its sinister intention to bring down the genuine socialist system in the DPRK by all means.

The Americans are raising the racket in a bid to isolate and stifle the DPRK by dint of preposterous "human rights issue", now that the nuclear issue cuts no ice with it. Does the United States think that such a row can work on the DPRK which has emerged victorious in the confrontation with it for many decades?

It should answer this question with sound thinking and reason.

3. Doesn't the United States know yet that the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" it fabricates every year is the criminal document that totally runs counter to international law?

The United States cooked up a unilateral domestic law called "north Korean human rights act" in 2004 and has updated it periodically. With this draconian law as a yardstick, it dares to "assess" and criticize the human rights situation of the DPRK.

Not content with this, it instigated its puppets, Japan and south Korea, to adopt their own acts. And every year its minions cook up an anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" in the UN arena.

Such a frantic bid is a manifestation of the U.S. hostile policy geared to maximizing the "human rights issue" to isolate the DPRK internationally.

The unlawfulness and criminal nature of these resolutions lie in that they are grounded on the report of the "inquiry commission on north Korean human rights situation" which was cooked up by absurdly exaggerating the contents of the documents drawn up by those steeped in deep-seated prejudice and hostility against the DPRK, including the north Korean "human rights special envoy" of the U.S. Department of State and the UN special rapporteur on Korean human rights situation, and the false testimonies of the scum of the earth.

It is a universal principle of international law that a sovereign state does never come under the jurisdiction of other country in any case, and the application of political and economic pressure and sanctions on other country in peacetime constitutes a crime and an act of aggression.

Whoever has granted the United States the right to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and infringe its sovereignty, and whoever has empowered the United States the authority to reduce the UN arena to a scene of political chaos in which even international law is neglected?

U.S. fabrication of the "human rights resolutions" by mobilizing its following forces constitutes a crime of flagrantly violating the international human rights law and regulations on respecting the freedom of ideology and cultural diversity.

The joint initiators of the anti-DPRK "human rights resolutions" are none other than the United States and its vassals that have serious human rights problems themselves.

It is the height of politicization of human rights, selectivity and double standards for them to dare to shake fist at the DPRK, symbol of genuine human rights, while sympathizing with the U.S. master, the kingpin of human rights abuse, unable to utter even a word of protest against its high-handedness and arbitrariness.

Full support and encouragement were expressed for the DPRK and the United States and other Western countries became the butt of criticism in the final document of the 17th summit of Non-Aligned Movement held in Venezuela last September and the declaration of the ministerial meeting of G77 convened on the sidelines of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly. This is the stern judgment on them for making the mockery of international law and tarnishing the sacred UN arena.

The United States, though belatedly, should admit that the "north Korean human right act" and "human rights resolution" are the documents of political provocation slandering and insulting the DPRK by American-style "human rights yardstick" and the criminal documents of aggression and interference that are totally contrary to international law, and make a courageous decision of discarding them into the dustbin of history.

4. Is the United States willing to apologize and compensate for having utterly violated the Korean people's rights to life, subsistence and development?

The basic guarantee of the rights to life, subsistence and development is peaceful environment.

No other nation in the world has been under constant war and nuclear threats as long as the Korean nation.

Etched in history are the capital crimes committed by the United States: it divided Korea into two, separated millions of family members with A-bomb threat. It has deployed lots of nuclear weapons in south Korea and intensified nuclear threat systematically to start a nuclear war since the 1950s. And it has ruthlessly violated the DPRK's human rights to life, survival and development through vicious economic blockade and sanctions.

No sooner had it signed the Korean Armistice Agreement than the United States shipped war equipment into south Korea to threaten the DPRK, and whenever it staged large-scale joint military exercises with south Korea since the 1960s, a touch-and-go situation was created in the Korean peninsula.

It has constantly strained the situation so that the Korean people could not live at ease even for a moment, and stood in the way of their economic development and survival and hindered their efforts for socialist construction and improvement of their livelihood at every step through all kinds of blockades, pressure and sanctions.

The human and material damages the DPRK sustained as of 2005 amounted to 64,959,854,000,000 U.S. dollars.

Moreover, the anti-DPRK sanctions that are being stepped up constitute the cruellest and basest unethical crime tantamount to fully depriving the Korean people of the rights to life, survival and development.

Extremely crazy about hostility towards the DPRK, the United States tries to ratchet up military pressure by hurling nuclear strategic assets in and around the Korean peninsula on one hand, and includes in the list of "sanctions items" even consumer goods and, more specifically, ordinary foods and children's toys, on the other hand.

For the single reason that the DPRK does not give in to its outrageous demand, the United States is trying to deprive the Korean people of their vital rights by putting the noose of sanctions--devoid of justification, ground and validity--around their necks.

As the world people unanimously say, it is a miracle of history that the DPRK is stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country while channelling efforts into economic construction and improvement of the people's living standards in the most dangerous hot spot in the world, on the land adjoining south Korea that has been reduced to a nuclear arsenal of the United States.

Can the United States make an apology and compensation to the Korean nation for its capital crimes of keeping the Korean nation divided for more than seven decades and violating the DPRK's rights to life, survival and development through nuclear threat and nuclear war rehearsals?

The United States should answer this question clearly.

5. Doesn't the United States know that it is nothing more than a pipe-dream for it to try to tarnish the image of the DPRK by fabricating a pile of "human rights" documents?

The United States continues to make bundles of human rights documents consistent with falsity and fabrications against the DPRK, while letting loose a stream of sophism about "violations of women's human rights", "infringement of children's rights" and "liquidation of persons with disabilities" whenever opportunity comes.

The United States, in hot pursuance of its policy of hostility against the DPRK, dares to try to mar the dignity and image of the DPRK by fabricating and spreading false documents with the help of the human scum who eke out an existence on lies. It is tantamount to a mean and vicious class-A political terrorism.

Human have so long and ardently desired gender equality since the term "human rights" was first coined. But nowhere in the world can be found such women as the Koreans who are respected and loved by all as a powerful social force that has the same social status as men and turns one of the two wheels of the revolution and flower of the country, and proudly demonstrate their dignity.

In the DPRK where women are highly valued and respected, every ordinary woman, irrespective of her occupation, can lead a worthwhile life as a heroine of the times, deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly, professor and doctor. And service amenities and medical facilities for women including the workers' hostel of the Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill and the Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital have sprung up in the country.

Thanks to the Party and state policies of putting children forward as the kings of the country, palaces for babies and schoolchildren and children's camps have been built throughout the country, and the orphans also enjoy a happy life at palatial baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools, free from the grief of being left orphaned.

Does the United States know how base and despicable a crime it is to describe the true features of our society as "oppression of human rights" groundlessly?

The children from the northern areas which were badly hit by an unprecedented natural disaster had a pleasant time at the Songdowon International Children's Camp singing loudly the song "We Are the Happiest in the World" under the benevolent and meticulous paternal care. This legendary story still arouses envy and admiration worldwide.

Persons with disabilities also enjoy the same socio-political rights as ordinary people and are provided with vocational education for persons with disabilities, education for handicapped children and rational working and living conditions under the care of the government. And they conduct positive artistic and sporting activities on the "day of persons with disabilities" and other important occasions. If you have eyes and ears, come and witness this reality in the DPRK.

It is an intolerable insult to and typical human rights violations against the women, children and persons with disabilities in the DPRK, who enjoy the happiest life in the world, that the United States politicizes the purely humanitarian issue by distorting and falsifying such reality groundlessly.

It is nothing more than a pipe-dream of flying in the sky on the cloud that the United States thinks it can induce a "system collapse" in the DPRK by preparing rubbish documents that turn black into white and tarnishing its image.

The United States must keep in mind that these forged documents for anti-DPRK human rights smear campaign consistent with its deep-rooted prejudice against and policy of hostility towards the DPRK are the noose around its neck, leading it to self-ruin.

6. Is the United States ready to stop acting as an unqualified and unjustified "human rights judge" and appear before an international court as an accused?

The United States is the living hell for humanity governed by the law of the jungle and mammonism in which the one-percent privileged cannot survive without exploiting the 99-percent working people and fighting with one another, a kingdom of homicide where all kinds of gangs rampage and crimes of violence are rife and a human rights desert in which practices of heinous racial discrimination are rampant below the Statue of Liberty, which is allegedly symbolic of liberty.

It, however, commits state-sponsored terrorism, massacres and crimes against humanity unprecedented in human history without hesitation while covering up its own flaws in human rights provision, launching "war on terror" and giving rise to "colour revolution" in various parts of the world under the ostentatious signboard of "peace and security" and "human rights protection."

The international community clearly saw and still sees the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, intervention in Syria, brutal and indiscriminate air raids on peaceful civilians, arrest of innocent people and medieval torture of them in overseas secret detention centres and the worst-ever refugee crisis in history the United States perpetrated under the pretext of "war on terror."

It really does not stand to reason and is the height of shamelessness and impudence that the United States, the kingpin of human rights abuses, styles itself a "human rights judge," while pointing an accusing finger at the human rights situations in other countries.

More ridiculous is that it argues in a conceited manner that the DPRK's "human rights issue" should be brought to the International Criminal Court.

The International Criminal Court has turned away its face from the human rights situations in the United States and other Western nations long ago and been reduced to a tool for realizing their domination and intervention in the developing countries.

It has never accused or called into question even once the thrice-cursed crimes of the United States and the West that commit invasion, war and human rights violations against the whole world on the pretext of hypocritical "human rights protection" and "counterterrorism," and many countries including African nations spit at, break away one after another from and turn their back on it as it is obsessed with prejudice and unilateralism devoid of impartiality and independence, life of an international organization.

It is preposterous that the United States, which is hell-bent on aggression and human rights abuses across the world by relying on such a figurehead, dares to pick a quarrel with the DPRK, which protects and provides its population with genuine human rights.

The world conscience that values justice and truth strongly demands that the U.S. rulers be put in the dock of the international court and punished severely as class-A war criminals as they have extended the "war on terror" to a 100-year war in the 21st century and committed unheard-of crimes far surpassing Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo who had inflicted the greatest calamity on humankind in the past century.

Are the U.S. ruling circles ready to take off the mask of "human rights judge" and appear before the international court as class-A human rights abusers for shunning international justice, turning the world into a theatre of bloody disputes and riots and plunging it into a vicious cycle of terrorism and retaliation?

Lie cannot last long, and truth will finally come out.

As the sun cannot be covered with the palm of a hand, the United States can by no means cover or deny the reality of the DPRK in which its people enjoy genuine human rights at the highest level as true masters of the state and society, even if it tries to find fault with the latter over the fictitious "human rights issue."

The United States would be well advised to keep in mind that however desperately it resorts to extreme anti-DPRK human rights trickery, it can never hurt the people-centred Korean-style socialism, an ideal land of genuine human rights, and rather hasten its own ignominious ruin.

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