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U.S. Aim at Organizing Naval Expeditionary Task Force Disclosed
Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Navy Institute announced a plan that the U.S. pacific fleet would make a trial operation of the naval expeditionary task force with Sasebo Port in Japan as the matrix port from the end of 2017. The plan envisages adding missile cruiser, nuclear-powered attack submarine, Aegis missile cruiser, missile destroyer and escort ship to the existing landing group centering on the large landing surprise attack ship with F-35 B stealth fighters aboard and three large-scale transport and landing ships with more than 2 200 marines.

Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this is a vivid expression of the dangerous moves of the U.S. warmongers to launch a war on the Korean peninsula at any cost.

The commentary goes on:

The U.S. has gone so absurd as to claim the organization of the task force is aimed to tackle the non-existent "nuclear and missile threat" from the DPRK, but it is sheer sophism.

The U.S. stages joint military exercises every year with the south Korean puppet forces, involving such huge armed forces as all types of nuclear attack means and special warfare forces for the purpose of getting them well versed in the mode of preemptive attack.

What matters is that the aim of organizing the task force is not just to bring dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. seeks "special interests" in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is going to hurl huge naval troops into the Pacific waters in a bid to turn them into their theatre.

The U.S. is the arch criminal escalating tension on the Korean peninsula and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region by pushing the situation there to a dangerous phase.

But it is seriously mistaken if it thinks it can realize its dirty ambition for aggression through the formation of the task force.

The U.S. had better be concerned about the security of its own mainland before having an eye on the DPRK.

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