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European Countries Denounced for Calling for "Int'l Commitment" as Regards Anti-DPRK "Sanctions Resolution"
Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Sunday gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA in connection with the fact that European countries are calling for "international commitment" as regards the anti-DPRK "sanctions resolution" adopted at the UN Security Council:

After the U.S. prodded the UNSC into cooking up another anti-DPRK "sanctions resolution" recently, UK, France and other European countries demanded the DPRK "fulfill its international commitment."

The UNSC in the "sanctions resolution" branded the nuclear warhead explosion test conducted by the DPRK in September last as "threat to international peace and security", but the UN Charter and all international laws do not stipulate that a nuclear test poses any threat to international peace and security.

If there is such article, the U.S. and other permanent members of the UNSC should be subject to the sanctions, to begin with, as they carried out nuclear tests more than any other countries.

The DPRK has categorically rejected "sanctions resolution" of the UNSC as it denies the sovereignty of the DPRK only.

In this regard, the DPRK in May last demanded the UN secretary general clarify such legal holes in the above-said "sanctions resolution." But the UN Secretariat has not replied yet though six months have passed since then.

Under this situation it is the stand of the DPRK that the European countries which boast their history and tradition of law-abiding should answer the above-said question.

Their act of demanding the DPRK "fulfill international commitment," failing to give any answer to this question, can convince nobody.

Nothing is more dastardly and mean action than trying to slap independent sanctions against the DPRK outside the UNSC as the "resolution" of the UNSC this time, in particular, is a product which reflected the balance of forces within it.

If European countries have independence, they should think and behave according to it.

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