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S. Korean Forces' Provocation Can Never Save Park Geun Hye: CPRC Policy Department Spokesman
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK released a statement on Saturday as regards the fact that the south Korean puppet regime is getting desperate in military provocation against the DPRK recently, hyping the "security crisis."

Bosses of the south Korean military including the minister of Defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are frequenting frontline units and special warfare units near the Military Demarcation Line, where they cry out for "full combat-readiness" for launching tough and resolute punishment to cope with "threat of provocation from the north," the statement said, and went on:

They let warships and drones infiltrate into the territorial waters and air of the DPRK and staged a large-scale live shell firing drill in the hot spot of the West Sea to persistently increase military tensions on the ground and in the waters and air.

They convened a meeting of major commanders of the puppet armed forces 20 odd days earlier though it had been scheduled for December. Meetings of commanders of various services of the puppet army are being held to hatch plots of military provocation. They are spreading rumors about "instability" across south Korea, hyping "grave security situation created due to possible provocation by the north taking advantage of the administrative vacancy in the south" and "imminent nuclear and missile tests by the north."

Lurking behind this is a sly trick to invent at any cost a case of armed clash between the north and the south by irritating the DPRK, quell the south Korean people's struggle for ousting Park Geun Hye under that pretext and thus save traitor Park from the abyss of ruin.

There is no guarantee that the Park regime that has been driven to a tight corner would not launch a provocation of war as its last-ditch attempt, and it is only the Korean nation including the south Korean people that will fall victim to it thereof.

No matter how desperately Park and the conservative group move to stay in power under the pretext of "security," they can never escape their fated doom.

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