December 23. 2016 Juche 105
Congratulations to 15th King of Malaysia
Pak Pong Ju Greets PM of Lebanon
Reply Message to Kim Jong Un from Lao President
Kim Jong Un Receives Reply Message from Thai King
2016 Report on Human Rights Abuses in S. Korea Released
Participants in 1st Conference of Chairpersons of Primary Committees of WPK Watch Korean Documentary Film
Participants in First Conference of Chairpersons of Primary Committees of WPK Visit Mangyongdae
Kangwon Provincial Art Theatre Opens
32nd Festival of Science and Technology Held
Kim Jong Un Registered as Honorary Member of Sucre Foundation of Venezuela
Gift to Kim Jong Un from Sucre Foundation of Venezuela
Floral Basket, Congratulatory Letter to Kim Jong Un from Military Attaches Corps
Letter to Kim Jong Un from Mourners' Delegation of Koreans in Japan
Brilliant Successes Made in DPRK in 2016
Kim Jong Suk's Great Life for Korea's Reunification
KCNA Commentary Censures Japan's Impudent Act to Evade Responsibility for Redressing Past Crimes
Japanese Reactionaries' Bellicose Remarks under Fire
Pro-U.S. Conservative Regime Bound to Collapse: Rodong Sinmun
S. Korean Paper Slams Puppet Diplomats' Corrupt Acts
S. Korean Body Demands Resignation of PM
S. Korean Trade Unions Confederation Demands Ouster of Chief Executive and Dissolution of Ruling Party
S. Korean Organization Calls for Elimination of Those Engaged in Abusing Power
Prompt and Fair Investigation into Park Geun Hye Group Urged in S. Korea
Group of Korean Youths in Japan Stages Anti-Park Geun Hye Struggle
Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Russia
Kim Jong Un's Work Published in Finland
Cuban Figures Visit DPRK Embassy in Havana
Kim Jong Il's Exploits Lauded by Indian and French Figures
Kim Jong Il Remembered in Various Countries

For Spanish-speaking People
Participantes en Primera Conferencia ven documental coreano
Participantes en Primera Conferencia recorren varios lugares de Pyongyang
Publicado informe de investigacion sobre la violacion de DDHH en 2016 en Sur de Corea
ACNC comenta acto cinico de Japon para eludir la liquidacion del pasado

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