December 21. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Jong Un Guides Firing Contest among MLRS Batteries of KPA
Kim Jong Un Guides Night Assault Combat Flight Drill of KPA Pursuit Plane Regiment
Condolences to German FM
Different Bodies of DPRK Send Wreaths to Russian Embassy
Social Scientists Hold Symposium on Kim Jong Un's Exploits
Birthday Spreads to Persons of Merits
Foreign Women Tour Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Silk Mill
Sojourn in Pyongyang of Chinese and Overseas Koreans Related to Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle
Delegation of Koreans in Japan Visits Mangyongdae
Gift to Kim Jong Un from Venezuelan Figure
Letter to Kim Jong Un from Members of Delegation of General Association of Koreans in China
Embroidery "Longing for Liberated Homeland"
Overseas Compatriots Leave
KCNA Commentary Ridicules NATO for Going Meddlesome
Confrontation Maniacs Are Doomed to Ruin: KCNA Commentary
Socialist Education Is Important Work Related to Destiny of Country and Future of Revolution: Rodong Sinmun
DPRK's Bolstering Nuclear Deterrence Is Just: Rodong Sinmun
Rodong Sinmun Criticizes U.S. Hostile Policy toward DPRK
Japan Should Behave with Prudence and Self-control: Researcher
End of Park Geun Hye Cannot but Be More Miserable: S. Korean Online Paper
S. Korean Opposition Parties React Angrily to Park Geun Hye's Evading Responsibility
S. Korean Diplomat Sexually Abuses Chilean Minor
S. Korean Paper Demands Truth behind Dissolution of Unified Progressive Party
Round-Table Talks Held in Various Countries
Nigerian Body Blasts U.S. Strategy toward DPRK
Cambodian Media Praise Kim Jong Il

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un dirige competencia de tiro de lanzacohetes reactivos autopropulsados
Kim Jong Un dirige ejercicio de aviacion combativa de asalto nocturne
Canciller coreano expresa condolencias a su homologo aleman
Organos coreanos envian ofrendas florales a embajada rusa
Efectuado seminario de la rama de ciencias sociales sobre proezas de Kim Jong Un
Minju Joson advierte a Japon que actue con prudencia

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