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Park Geun Hye Group Can Never Escape Severe Punishment: KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- At a time when the whole of south Korea is thrown into appalling confusion due to the "Park Geun Hye, Choe Sun Sil scandal," the U.S. and the Park regime are playing a poor trick to quell the opposition of the local people to the projected THAAD deployment.

Finding themselves in a pretty fix from all sides, the Park group are craftily working to blind the south Korean people and stop their ears and get THAAD deployed at any cost at the prodding of their U.S. master who blustered that it would "press ahead with THAAD deployment with strong will".

The group of traitors are orchestrating the farce even with discharged soldiers involved to show that THAAD does no harm to human bodies and environment. At the same time, they are staging such burlesque as granting special benefits to Kimchon City and Sonju County at huge financial expenses.

This is an absolutely risky gambling for Park troubled with a serious political crisis and financial difficulties. It is little short of a third-rate farce to calm down the mounting anti-"government" sentiments of the local people and rally again the conservative supporters who turned their backs on her.

Park is now called "vegetable president" as she allowed the woman who is no more than a witch to monopolize "state affairs." It is a sheer caricature for Park to talk about what she called measures to help the local inhabitants.

Even if the puppet regime offers "compensation running into astronomical figures" to the local people, it can never help the discharged soldiers to be dispatched to Kimchon City get rid of the enormous mental and physical harm and alleviate the pain and losses the inhabitants in Songju County have to suffer due to the loss of the position as "long-standing watermelon producer."

The co-representative of the Kimchon No-THAAD Measure Committee said the electronic waves produced by THAAD radar would penetrate into Kimchon, adding that "it would be Kimchon City which will be exposed to the first gunfire in the case of a war between China and the U.S. as reported by the Chinese People's Daily.

If THAAD is deployed in Kimchon City, the political, economic and security consequences wouldn't be confined to the city but the south Koreans would face unimaginably serious disaster.

All south Koreans, to say nothing of the people in the said areas, are categorically rejecting the projected THAAD deployment, holding that "it should not be allowed to be deployed anywhere on the Korean peninsula". This is a just voice not to tolerate the traitorous actions of the Park regime.

The Park group of traitors will never escape the nation's stern judgment as they are playing with the lives of the south Koreans and keen to turn the peninsula into a theater of big powers' scramble for bringing it under their thumb, relying on outsiders, stuck in the bottomless quagmire.

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