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S. Korean Opposition Parties Demand Park Geun Hye Transfer Power
Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean opposition parties demanded Park Geun Hye transfer all power as wished by the people on Nov. 12, the south Korean MBC reported.

A senior spokesman for the Minju Party said that in order to bring administration to normal, the "president" should abandon a lingering attachment and opt for transfer of all power.

A senior spokesman for the Kukmin Party noted that Park should quit office of her own accord politically and legally in response to the people's demand.

The Minju Party said that it would pool its will to set right the foundation of society which collapsed due to the unheard-of scandal of monopolization of administration, and the Jongui Party noted now the people want the next-term "president" to be elected on the premise of the ouster of the "president".

The Kukmin Party demanded the "president" apologize before the people immediately and accept the demand of the people for resignation.

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