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S. Korean Puppet Prosecution's Deceptive Investigation Exposed
Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- It has been recently disclosed in south Korea that the puppet prosecution did the ringleaders of the "Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal" kind offices, sparking off public uproar.

The prosecution spread a rumor that it summoned U Pyong U, former senior secretary for civil administration of Chongwadae and pretended to make a strict investigation into him.

But according to media of south Korea, when U appeared at the Prosecutor's Office on Nov. 6, the chief of investigation brought tea to U in his room, currying favor with U.

On Oct. 31 Choe Sun Sil secretly returned home, whisked off her savings at a bank to other place and got the time to erase evidence. This would be unthinkable apart from the patronage and help of the prosecution.

The parliamentary spokesman for the opposition Minju Party held a press conference at the "National Assembly" on Nov. 7 at which he held that the words that the prosecution is put under the control of U are not a lie.

A lawmaker from an opposition party accused the prosecution of deciding not to openly summon and investigate U.

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