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Victims of Sexual Slavery Demand Japan's Apology and Reparation
Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- Victims of sexual slavery residing in different countries held a meeting on Nov. 5 in Tokyo to denounce the Japanese authorities' shameless act under the sponsorship "National Action for Solution to Issue of Comfort Women for Imperial Japanese Army", a civic organization of Japan, according to MBC of south Korea.

Present there were victims of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army residing in south Korea, Indonesia, East Timor and Philippines.

The participants exposed the crimes related to sexual slavery committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past and demanded the Japanese authorities make apology and reparation.

The "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery made between Japan and south Korea cannot completely settle the issue, they said, calling for a solution acceptable to all victims residing in different countries of the world.

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