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S. Korean People Reject Park Geun Hye's "Statement to People"
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- Traitor Park Geun Hye issued a "statement to the people" on Nov. 4 as regards the rare scandal on intervention in state affairs, according to reports from Seoul.

The traitor did not mention a word about her crimes, even though she said she makes a "sincere apology once again" and she would "accept even investigation by special inspection". She said that Choe Sun Sil's role was confined to individual realm and the intervention in state affairs was Choe's individual mistake.

Park responded to the south Korean people's demand for resignation with such sophism that it is necessary to prevent confusion of state affairs and blank, while trumpeting about "security crisis" and "difficult economy".

A senior spokesman for the Minju Party held that it was an individual remark not enough to defuse the people's resentment and uneasiness.

The chairman of the emergency measure committee and concurrently floor leader of the Kukmin Party said that Park claimed power-backed scandals were for "economy and people's life" but this pretence was little short of stabbing the people in the chest.

The former permanent co-representative of the Kukmin Party condemned Park's "statement" as the "one for turning phase, not caring about the people's mind" and the "one for shifting her blame onto others".

Meanwhile, civic and public organizations said they cannot accept Park's "statement" and declared to stage a large-scale candlelight rally at weekend as scheduled.

Accusations were heard from lawmakers from the "Saenuri Party" who do not belong to pro-Park circle.

According to KBS, foreign press is making negative and cold analysis of Park's "statement".

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