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Protest Actions against Park Geun Hye Gain in Scope and Strength across S. Korea
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- A protest against Park Geun Hye is mounting as the days go by because she is making desperate efforts to stay in power through all intrigues, defying the unanimous demand of the south Korean people of all social standings for her resignation, according to press reports.

1 553 organizations formed an emergency situation council on Nov. 2 and launched a joint action.

In a special resolution they said it is clear that Park's resignation is a shortcut to putting the present chaos under control.

47 societies and organizations of the historic circle on Nov. 1 in a declaration on the situation said it has been fully disclosed that the unilateral policies are not the results of the normal administration of state affairs.

On Nov. 3 civic and public organizations conducted campaigns for publishing declarations on the situation in Seoul, Ulsan, Jonju of North Jolla Province and other places and declared that they would turn out in the all-people campaign for the regime change on Nov. 12.

Members of at least 40 women's organizations conducted the campaign for publishing a declaration on the situation that day.

The Confederation of Trade Unions held an emergency situation meeting on Nov. 2 at which it declared it would focus all efforts on the action for force Park to step down through a general strike.

On Nov. 4 artistes issued a declaration on the situation signed by 7 449 persons of 288 organizations of culture and arts in demand of the resignation of Park Geun Hye and the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the chief culprits of the power-backed scandals.

34 organizations of the educational circle declared they would launch a campaign for publishing the declaration on the situation across south Korea all at once.

University students decided to form situation councils and stage joint actions.

Students of Korea University and Hongik University conducted a campaign for publishing the declaration on the situation in Seoul and more than 2 000 professors belonging to the Council of Professors for Democracy said that no attempt should be allowed to obstruct the probe into the truth.

On Nov. 3 members of the Youth and Students Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration and professors and students of universities simultaneously launched a campaign for publishing the declaration on the situation.

At least 20 elders of various circles held a press conference in Seoul and published a declaration on the situation.

A candelight action took place at Chonggye plaza in Seoul on Nov. 2 under the sponsorship of the 2016 Headquarters for People's All-out Action.

Lawmakers from opposition parties are joining in the above-said actions.

Ten lawmakers from opposition parties at the full-dress session of the "National Assembly" on Nov. 3 demanded Park not only accept the investigation by the prosecution but take step down or hand off state affairs.

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