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KCNA Commentary Blasts Park Geun Hye Group for Its Persistent Racket for Confrontation with DPRK
Pyongyang, November 4 (KCNA) --The Park Geun Hye group of traitors, finding itself in a tight corner inside and outside south Korea, is persistently resorting to the reckless racket for confrontation with the DPRK.

There took place in Phaju City, Kyonggi Province recently a ground-breaking ceremony of what the Park regime calls "Memorial for June 25 war south Korean abductees" at which Hong Yong Phyo, puppet minister of Unification, talked such nonsense that "the issue of the wartime south Korean abductees is the one concerning ethics and natural law to be settled at any cost" and that he "would quickly complete a report on the truth behind the south Korean abductees on the basis of all information gathered over the last five years so that it might be properly recorded in history."

This is another intolerable grave politically-motivated provocation to the DPRK and an unbearable insult to the south Koreans who came over to the northern half of the Republic as this revealed a cynical ploy to intensify the moves for the confrontation with it.

Such attitude of failing to distinguish the coming over to the north of one's accord from abduction is a nonsensical act which can be perpetrated only by the Park group hell-bent on the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

As for those described by the south Korean puppet forces as "the wartime south Korean abductees", they were the persons who came over to the northern half of the Republic in quest of truth and a worthwhile life during the last Fatherland Liberation War.

They included Kim Kyu Sik, Choe Tong O and other patriotic figures, businessmen, persons of culture, scholars and the young men and women who voluntarily joined the Korean People's Army. Their families and relatives in south Korea are well aware of what a worthy and happy life they led in the DPRK through several reunions of divided families and relatives in the north and the south.

All those who had visited their native places in south Korea returned home as they knew well their coming over to the north was a just choice without any regret.

The south Korean puppet regime is the chieftain of abduction and human rights abuses.

Traitor Park fabricated the "law on the human rights in the north" early in March which her predecessors dared not do so.

She went the lengths of including in it even the provision calling on the puppet Ministry of Unification to work out and carry out a plan for "south Korean abductees" and report on the results to the "National Assembly."

She is agitating "defection from the north" in violation of the UN Charter and international law, personally planning and commanding the abduction of inhabitants of the DPRK.

Even at this moment they are unhesitatingly committing atrocities against humanity by keeping inhabitants of the north including 12 women employees in custody in a remote place after abducting them in broad daylight.

It is the height of shamelessness for such criminals to talk about the "issue of wartime south Korean abductees", vociferating about "ethics" and "natural law."

The confrontation hysteria kicked up by the puppet regime to falsify truth with lies and fabrications and desperately stir up bad blood towards compatriots deserves rebuff and condemnation by all the fellow countrymen.

They will never pardon the extremely hideous provocations made by the Park regime over the non-existent "issue of wartime south Korean abductees."

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