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U.S., S. Korean Puppet Forces' Confab Aimed to Stifle DPRK under Pretext of "Coping with Threat" Flayed
Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) --The U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces held the fourth diplomatic and defence chiefs' meeting in Washington recently at which they agreed to establish an "extended deterrence strategy consultative body" calling for the "relations between diplomatic pressure and military deterrence". At the 48th annual security consultative meeting, they were closeted over the issues of "effectively coping with threats and provocation" by someone with all means including a nuclear umbrella involved and deploying nuclear strategic assets of the U.S. including nuclear carrier and nuclear strategic bombers in south Korea on a permanent rotation basis.

Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a commentary says:

This indicates that the U.S. and the Park Geun Hye group are further tightening the collusion and nexus to stifle the DPRK under the pretext of "coping with threats".

They are more noisily trumpeting about "offer of extended nuclear deterrence" than ever before while finding fault with the DPRK's measures for bolstering its nuclear deterrence for self-defence.

It is a well known fact that the main means of the "extended deterrence" are nuclear strategic assets of the U.S. including nuclear carriers, nuclear submarines and nuclear strategic bombers. It is the scenario of the enemies to realize their attempt at invading the north by making a series of preemptive nuclear strikes at it all at once from the sky, ground and seas with huge nuclear strategic forces.

What merits a serious attention is that they are mulling pressing for sanctions and military pressure on the DPRK in an integral way while talking about the establishment of the "extended deterrence strategy consultative body". In a word, this is a product of a criminal scenario to cook up a permanent body for stifling the DPRK and intensify the provocations against it in an all-round way on its basis.

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