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Kim Jong Il's Exploits Performed for National Reunification Lauded
Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) -- Jo Il Min, chief of the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front, was interviewed by KCNA on Oct. 3 on the 9th anniversary of the October 4 declaration. He said:

In October 2007 leader Kim Jong Il provided another historic summit to bring about a new higher phase in developing the inter-Korean ties and signed a declaration for developing the inter-Korean relations and achieving peace and prosperity.

The declaration based on the three principals of national reunification, the keynote of which is the idea of By Our Nation Itself, is an action programme for comprehensively implementing the June 15 joint declaration and thus achieving peace of the country and prosperity common to the nation.

The adoption of the declaration helped give momentum to the enthusiasm of all fellow countrymen to achieve independent reunification and usher in a heyday of national reconciliation and unity unprecedented in the history of national reunification.

It was the distinguished feats performed by Kim Jong Il before the times and the nation that he opened a bright prospect of achieving national independence and the cause of great national unity and provided the fellow countrymen with a banner for attaining national reunification.

Marshal Kim Jong Un is now steering the movement for reunification.

The new morning of national reunification, the cherished desire of the compatriots, is sure to break as they are led by Kim Jong Un, the lodestar of national reunification.

The vanguard fighters of the Anti-Imperialists National Democratic Front and patriotic people in the south will decisively foil the anti-reunification moves of the separatist forces at home and abroad and energetically bring about a turning phase of national reunification.

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