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Rodong Sinmun on Country's Nuclear Force
Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) -- It is the firm faith and iron will of the Korean people to defend the sovereignty of the country and valuable peace and usher in a new era of national prosperity by dint of self-defensive capabilities with the nuclear force as a pivot, Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a commentary, and goes on:

The DPRK has built up its muscle to protect its destiny from the decades-long sanctions and blockade. It will never dismantle its nuclear weapons and make a switchover in the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, scared by the invectives of the enemies and tightened sanctions.

It is the tragedy of the 21st century and shame on our planet that the U.S., the only nuclear war criminal and the empire of evil, forces the DPRK to dismantle nukes though the former inflicted a nuclear disaster upon humankind and brought misfortune and pain to innocent people through nuclear blackmail.

The DPRK did not have access to nukes to do harm to humankind unlike the U.S. Nor it possessed nukes to rank itself among a few big powers holding sway over the world political trend.

It took the action to have access to nukes in order to defend the sovereignty of the country and protect the vital rights of the people from the ever-increasing U.S. nuclear threat and blackmail and blockade.

It is the choice of the people to go nuclear.

The prosperity achieved at the cost of humiliation and the peace gained while allowing sovereignty to be violated are not what our people desire.

They considered nukes of Juche as their vital right in order to prevent the nuclear disaster imposed by the enemy and achieve the everlasting national prosperity.

The DPRK's nukes guarantee national prosperity.

The DPRK will enjoy higher dignity and have stronger might when it further bolsters up its treasured nuclear sword.

The DPRK's nuclear weapons, a product of the great line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, will mercilessly strike the nuclear stick being recklessly wielded by the robber-like U.S. imperialists so that injustice may not ride roughshod any longer.

The world will witness how Juche Korea possessed of the most just and powerful nukes for the people will prevail over all sorts of injustice and foil high-handed and arbitrary practices on our planet to bring bright future of everlasting prosperity of the nation.

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