October 27. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Jong Un Sends Letter to Those Attending Seventh Congress of GFTUK
7th Congress of GFTUK Held
Birthday Party Given for Participants in Seventh Congress of GFTUK
Workers and Trade Union Members Meet
Chinese Delegation Leave
Recovery Effort in Flood-hit Onsong County of DPRK
DPRK Citizens Hit at Park Geun Hye's Remarks
Sci-tech Presentation in Field of Coal Industry Held
Secondary School Famed for Education of Gifted Students
Rabbit Show and Seminar on Experience Held
Evidence Proving Japan's Non-recognition of Tok Islets as Part of Its Territory in Past Opened to Public
S. Korean Police Tries to Perform Autopsy of Paek Nam Gi's Body, Checked by People's Resistance
S. Korean Confederation of Trade Unions Issues Statement on Situation
S. Korean People Reject Park Geun Hye's Assertion about "Constitutional Revision" and "Apology to People"
S. Korean Students Stage Actions in Protest against Park Geun Hye's Scandals
S. Korea Broadcasting Service Accuses Puppet Chief Executive's Excuse for Power-Backed Scandal
S. Korean Puppet Authorities' Fascist Suppression under Fire
U.S.-S. Korea Military Confab Accused
DPRK's Holidays in October Marked in Indonesia, Myanmar
Reunified Korea Will Be World Big Power: Peruvian Personage
Kim Jong Un's Work Introduced by British Body
Anniversary of DIU Observed Abroad

For Spanish-speaking People
Texto integro del mensaje de Kim Jong Un a los participantes en VII Congreso de FGSC
Tiene lugar el VII Congreso de la Federacion General de los Sindicatos de Corea
Tiene lugar mitin de obreros y miembros de FGSC
Ofrecida mesa de cumpleanos para participantes en VII Congreso de FGSC
Tiene lugar presentacion cientifico-tecnica nacional de la industria carbonifera

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