October 7. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Jong Un Inspects Mangyongdae Revolutionary Site Souvenir Factory
Swiss Government Decides Emergency Aid to Flood-hit Areas in DPRK
Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of British Labor Party Visits Pyongyang
Delegation of Council of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation and Its Members Visits Mangyongdae
Floral Basket to Kim Jong Un from Nigerian President
Floral Basket, Congratulatory Letter to Kim Jong Un from Military Attaches Corps
Floral Tribute to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Delegation of Central Court Returns Home
Participants in Pyongyang Int'l Conference Visit Sci-Tech Complex
National Exhibition of IT Successes 2016 Closes
Shock Brigade Movement Brisk in Flood-hit Areas of DPRK
Army-People Great Unity, Might of Songun Korea
Greetings to Meeting of Educators of Chongryon
U.S., S. Korean Puppet Forces Can Never Escape Final Ruin: Rodong Sinmun
Rodong Sinmun on DPRK's Measures for Bolstering up Its Capability for Self-Defence
Park Geun Hye Group Denounced for Trying to Turn "Holy Land" into Battle Field
Park Geun Hye's Decision to Deploy THAAD Near "Holy Land" of Ronal Buddhism under Fire
Typhoon Hits S. Korea
Koreans in U.S. Call for Paving Avenue to Independent Reunification
Korean in U.S. Slams U.S., South Korean Warmongers' Saber-rattling
Seminar on Kim Jong Un's Work Held in Switzerland
Party-Building Exploits of Peerlessly Great Men Lauded by Myanmar Figures
WPK's Founding Anniversary to Be Marked in Bangladesh
Central Zoo in Pyongyang Introduced by TASS
Kim Jong Un's Report to 7th Congress of WPK Published in Germany

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un dirige sobre el terreno la Fabrica de Souvenir
Federacion de Budistas de Corea rechaza intento de Park Geun-hye de colocar THAAD
Rodong Sinmun defiende voluntad de elevar la capacidad de autodefensa nacional
Rodong Sinmun condena a EE.UU. y titeres surcoreanos al arruinamiento final

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