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More Aids Sent to Flood-hit Areas
Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- A campaign to help residents in the flood-hit northern part of North Hamgyong Province is steadily going on in the DPRK.

North Phyongan Province sent thousands of builders to the flood-hit areas while giving priority to transporting foodstuff and daily necessities to those areas.

The province has sent a large amount of food grain, 223,000 pieces of necessities like quilt, underwear and towel and 22,000 pieces of different tools and materials. Jongju City in the province rendered sincere aids including thousands pieces of clothes, hundreds pairs of shoes and 1,600 articles of utensils.

Industrial establishments in Jagang Province boost production of building materials and necessities for the people in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province.

The province, in particular, pushes ahead with the production of fixtures and household electric appliances, taking due measures for increased steel production.

Up to present, the province has provided those flood-hit areas with a great number of foodstuffs like grain, meat and egg and medicines and hundreds of thousands of daily necessaries and school things.

South Hwanghae Province, too, supplied over 200,000 sacks urgently needed for cement transportation and sent 50,000 meters of vinyl pipes, 11,000 pieces of building parts and varieties of necessities to the flood-hit areas.

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