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DPRK Ranks Itself among Nuclear Powers: Indian Papers
Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) -- Indian papers carried articles on the 68th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

Rising Europe on Sept. 2 said in an article titled "Independent power":

The DPRK founded on Sept. 9, 1948 is demonstrating its might as an independent nuclear power.

How does small Korea have access to nukes and rank itself among nuclear powers with even H-bombs?

As the international community has already witnessed, the U.S. has steadily threatened the DPRK with nukes.

The U.S., not content with slapping all economic sanctions, blockade and military pressure on the DPRK for it differs from the former's ideology and social system and does not yield to the former's ambition for aggression, is going reckless to impose nuclear disaster on it.

What should the DPRK opt for under such situation?

It was the path of having access to one's own nukes.

It is the very legitimate right for the DPRK to have access to tremendous nuclear deterrence to cope with the moves of the U.S., the largest nuclear power in the world, and it is a just self-defensive measure no one can slander.

World's Mirror on Sept. 3 in an article titled "Songun and peace" said that the cause of a new war does not disappear due to the U.S. imperialists who keep their forces present in south Korea for more than seven decades. It went on:

The DPRK has ranked itself among the nuclear powers as it has access to nukes to counter the U.S. extreme nuclear threat and blackmail and attempt at aggression.

The solemn declaration of the DPRK that the right to preemptive nuclear strike is by no means a monopoly of the U.S. is startling the world.

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