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S. Korean Bodies Demand Probe into Truth about Ferry Sewol Disaster
Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- The April 16 Family Consultative Council and the April 16 Solidarity of south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on Sept. 21 at which they denounced the Park Geun Hye group of traitors for working hard to dissolve the Ad Hoc Committee for Probing the Truth behind the Ferry Sewol Disaster.

They demanded the Park regime and the ruling and opposition parties stop shunning the probe into the truth about the disaster and the building of a safe society any longer but immediately opt for owning the responsibility for the tragedy.

All the people are the victims of the unprecedented ferry Sewol disaster, they said, holding that the probe into the truth about the disaster, punishment of those responsible for it and measures for preventing recurrence of such disaster are the urgent problems related to the people's lives and that the regime and the political camp are obliged to solve those issues in a responsible manner.

They declared they would intensify the practical actions to probe the truth by various methods outside the "National Assembly" and on streets every day in order to make the regime and the political camp move.

They demanded the ruling and opposition parties immediately opt for revising the special law on ferry Sewol and passing a bill on special investigation if they do not want to become criminals in history.

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