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British Body Brands S. Korean Society as Hell-like One
Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- The Korean Friendship Association UK posted an article titled "Hell-like south Korean society" on its website recently.

The article said:

These days the phrase "Hell Korea" that means a hell on earth is now in vogue in south Korea.

"Hell Korea" is a phrase meaning all corruption and irregularities rampant in south Korea including those under the Park Geun Hye regime, as well as the unemployment, part-time job and the corruption in the fields of labor, health, education, etc.

Publications of south Korea recently said: The reality of the prevailing situation in south Korea is hell-like. Due to the so-called retrogressive revision of the labor law for which traitor Park Geun Hye is crying out, more people have became unemployed, so the life of not only the young generation but also that of middle-aged people are adversely affected by it and this society is, so to speak, a hell on ground because of the differential pay between male and female, the minimum wage worker rate, long time labor, etc. South Korea is, indeed, "ruined world".

A professor of Korea University wrote a book "Why do we get angry" in December last year.

He said in the book: It is necessary for the young generation to rise up as one to replace the present social system by another one judging from the economic analysis that south Korea is extremely serious in the inequality of the income. The young generation should realize it and turn out in the struggle to change the hell on earth for not only themselves but also their families, neighbors and friends.

Young people of south Korea are waging anti-"government" struggle, chanting the slogans "We can not trust the present 'government' any longer," "We will never pardon Park Geun Hye" and "Let us judge the present 'government' and 'Saenuri Party'".

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