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British Body Lambastes Traitor Park Geun Hye
Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy posted an article accusing traitor Park Geun Hye of resorting to sycophancy toward the U.S., confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north and unpopular rule on its website on August 17.

In an article titled "Dog 'president'" the website said articles satirizing Park Geun Hye were posted on websites of south Korea, drawing public attention.

When two pet dogs raised by Park at Chongwadae littered five puppies, she announced she would collect dog names through website, the article noted.

Recalling names suggested by netizens were all ridiculing and mocking Park's incompetence and unpopular rule, it said it is quite natural to term south Korea a world of dogs as it has dogs such as Park.

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