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New Korean Feature Film Produced
Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) -- The Korean Film Studio produced a new feature film "Story about My House".

The film portrays "girl mother" in Kangson.

Through the depiction of a girl who brings up orphans as a real mother would do the film makes a truthful artistic representation of the beautiful ideological and moral world of the youth prevailing in the society.

Ri Jong A, heroine of the film who just graduated from a secondary school, makes every sincere effort to help orphans grow up without sorrow.

During the days of successfully bringing up orphans as desired by the Party, Jong A has the honor of being selected as a delegate to the Second National Conference of Exemplary Young People of Virtue. Supreme leader Kim Jong Un put forward her as a daughter of the Workers' Party and "girl mother" to be well known to the country.

The film stresses that the heroine's ennobling mental world and trait which can be displayed only among the youth in our era who have grown up under the care of the Workers' Party are the precious fruition of the validity and vitality of the Party's idea and line of prioritizing the youth.

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