September 28. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Yong Nam Meets Lao High-Ranking Youth Delegation
Gift to Kim Jong Un from C.C., Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union
Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Support and Solidarity Expressed for DPRK at Recent Int'l Conferences
Kim Yong Dae Meets Delegation of World Communion of Reformed Churches
Int'l Science and Technology Book Fair Closes
Letter to Kim Jong Un from Participants in Int'l Book Fair
National Korean Dress Show Opens
Gift to Kim Jong Un from Russian Personage
Kim Jong Un Receives Gifts from Russian and Chinese Businessmen
Lao High-Ranking Youth Delegation Visits Mangyongdae
Material Assistance for Flood-hit Areas Brisk in DPRK
Transport Ships Leave for Flood-hit Areas
U.S., Worst Human Rights Abuser
KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. and S. Korean Regime's Scenario for Preemptive Nuclear Strike
Rodong Sinmun Demands S. Korean Puppet Authorities Stop Nuclear Racket against DPRK
Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Authorities' Anti-DPRK Military Nexus with Japan
DPRK's Leading Papers Accuse U.S. of Escalating Tension on Korean Peninsula
U.S., S. Korean Warmongers' Attempt at Preemptive Nuclear Strike at DPRK Will Only Precipitate Their Self-Ruin
U.S. and S. Korean Puppet Navy Stage Exercise for Ground Offensives against DPRK
S. Korean Puppet Group's Attempt to Make Autopsy of Corpse Slammed
There Is No Place for Deploying THAAD: S. Korean Social Bodies
Helicopter of S. Korean Puppet Army Crashes
S. Korean Trade Unions Launch General Strikes in Succession
Struggle of S. Korean Workers for Right to Existence Supported
Statement of Spokesman for KPA General Staff Supported by Swiss Bodies
16th Congress of Women's International Democratic Federation Supports Korean People
Founding Anniversary of WPK Observed by Peruvian Parties
DPRK's Access to Nukes Is Objective and Practical Fact: UK Figure

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Yong Nam se reune con delegacion juvenil de alto nivel de Laos
Portavoz del MINREX se refiere al apoyo a RPDC expresado en reuniones importantes
Kim Yong Dae se reune con la delegacion eclesiastica extranjera
Clausurada X exposicion internacional de libros de ciencias y tecnicas de Pyongyang
Inaugurada 14a exhibicion nacional de vestimentas coreanas

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