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Kim Jong Un, Defender of Peace and Security
Pyongyang, August 16 (KCNA) -- It is the constant policy of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and unanimous will of all the Koreans to prevent the danger of war and safeguard the peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

The year 2015 was the year of the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation, but the U.S. imperialists kicked off Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills in collusion of the south Korean puppet forces and they instigated the south Korean military warmongers to fake up the "mine explosion" case and the "north's shelling" incident, driving the situation to an extreme in August.

Under the crucial situation, Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the DPRK, convened an emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the WPK on August 20, Juche 104 (2015) to discuss a plan for the political and military counteractions to foil the enemies' moves for war. And he issued an order of the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army that the area along the front should be put in a quasi-state of war. It was an important decision for defending the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

The world media reported that "the world witnesses another brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu," "death-defying spirit of defending the homeland, eruption of retaliation will" and "the DPRK gives a warning of merciless strike to the U.S. and south Korea."

The warmongers were at a loss what to do, disheartened at the invincible military power of the DPRK and indomitable spirit of its people who turned out as one to smash their provocative moves.

Thanks to the initiative shown by the DPRK, the north-south high-level urgent contact took place to have a wide-ranging discussion on various issues of averting the armed conflict and improving the north-south relations and issued a joint press release.

Referring to the instructions given by Kim Jong Un at an enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the WPK that the north and the south should respect the agreements made at the high-level urgent contact to bear a rich fruit, south Korean experts in Korean issues said that "First Chairman Kim Jong Un indicated the future direction of south-north relations."

Political and public figures of different countries in their statements fully supported the just and fair measures taken by the DPRK for defending peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the sovereignty of the country.

Kim Jong Un indicated in detail the ways for protecting the peace and security on the peninsula and achieving the independent reunification of the country in his report to the WPK Seventh Congress on the Work of the Central Committee and the New Year Address.

Recently, the DPRK, in reflection of the unanimous aspiration and demand of the fellow countrymen, proposed the convention of a joint conference of political parties, organizations and individual personages of the north, the south and abroad for the peace and independent reunification of the Korean peninsula, which has been fully supported by all Koreans as well as the international community.

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