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U.S. Is Empire of Evils: DPRK Institute for International Studies
Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- O Yong Ran, director of the Institute for American and African Studies under the Institute for International Studies of the DPRK released an article titled "U.S., who are you."

The article said: There is on the earth only one state which can hardly be called a state. That is none other than the empire of evils the U.S. which emerged from the heap of corpses of the native population on the American continent who had lived in peace while creating their own culture for thousands of years.

In the early period of "the nation-building" the presidents of the U.S. justified territorial expansion to the west as "endowed mission". They were criminals who abused human rights as they adopted it as the state policy to massacre Indians and took presidency for their military achievements in the massacre.

The U.S. describes the stark fact of massacre as "war" with Indians but it could hardly be called a war as primitive spear-armed Indians had to stand against the American ground forces armed with firepower weapons. It was a horrible massacre of American Indians in all aspects.

The U.S. nature as man-killers has become all the more undisguised with the passage of time.

It massacred more than 600,000 in the Philippines between 1898 and 1905, over 2.47 million in Korea between 1950 and 1953 and at least 3.8 million in Vietnam in 1965-1973.

As leopard never changes its spots, the brutal nature of the U.S. can never change.

Even at this moment, tens of thousands of innocent people are meeting deaths owing to ethnic and factional disputes sparked by the U.S.

While going through the "maturity" process based on the law of jungle, the U.S. swallowed the whole of the North American continent and turned Latin America into its "tranquil backyard" by dint of the carrot and stick policy. Late in the 19th century to early in the 20th century it stretched its tentacles of aggression to the land across the Pacific.

After raking up huge profits through the two world wars, the U.S. emerged as a world power. It cried out for "peace by America," being buoyed by ecstasy that it can build a world order wished by it based on its overwhelming economic and military upper-hands.

The true nature of the above-said motto was revealed as pronoun of war and destruction from the beginning.

It was by no means independence which the U.S. brought to weak colonial countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America which kowtowed to the U.S., being steeped in pro-Americanism. It was not prosperity, either. It was an evil cycle of internal disturbance and bloodshed and complete colonization through destruction of national economy and national culture.

Over 70 years ago the painful history of national division started on this land due to foolish pro-American guys and even at this moment the group of traitors still obsessed by the idea of "peace" offered by the U.S. are working desperately to introduce evil weapons for killing the fellow countrymen.

When the U.S. launched the Iraqi war with such far-fetched assertion as "concealment of weapons of mass destruction", not content with invading Afghanistan by force of arms and spreading story related to terrorism, people did not realize that the "war on terrorism" was a new war of aggression and a prelude to a new world war.

Bush's Iraqi war sowed the seeds of factional conflict which had been dormant and Obama's assertion about the withdrawal of the U.S. forces sparked off a new world war throughout the Mideast.

What is this "peace" for?

The answer is clear. It is aimed to prolong the remaining days of the U.S. which turned into a huge war machine that gets corpulent through wars and which can not exist without them.

The U.S. military-industrial complexes are steadily manufacturing new destructive weapons in its hasty preparations for bringing a horrible disaster that can rake up huge profits.

The U.S. claimed "cultural pluralism" allegedly calling for "establishing macro national culture on the basis of recognizing and respecting the national, racial and linguistic commonness and the value of their differences". But as the mask of the U.S. as "champion of free world" during the Cold War was shaken off, the U.S. plunged again into the whirlwind of racial conflict and contradiction.

This reached the height with black President Obama, symbolic of "cultural pluralism" in the U.S., taking office, in particular.

Recently Obama called for racial harmony at a TV appearance but crack in the American society has already entered the phase beyond control.

Now there do not exist racial and ethnic bonds that have kept the country called the U.S. afloat with difficulty, an indication that the U.S. will sooner or later break to pieces.

This is the absolute fate the U.S., the empire of evil, has to face.

The article said that the nuclear weapons were the foremost strength that helped the U.S. lord it over the world for a long time, stressing that now the nuclear weapons are no longer a monopoly of the U.S.

It will clearly realize before long what is precipitating its doom.

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