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Bush and Obama Termed Top-Class War Criminals in 21st Century
Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- Ri Song Gun, a researcher at the Institute of American and African Studies under the DPRK Institute of International Studies, released an article titled "Departed souls of scaffold are calling Bush and Obama."

The article said that a report was disclosed in the UK recently that the UK's involvement in the U.S.-led Iraqi war in 2003 was unreasonable and illegal.

The article noted the claim ringing out among the political, media and other circles of Britain that Blair should make an apology for the UK's involvement in the Iraqi war and be taken to international war criminal court.

The article said:

The prime minister of a country recklessly followed the U.S., talking about what he called "special relations" with it, contrary to the public mindset at home. So, he deserves an ill fame as a war criminal.

In the light of his sins, Blair can be called a war criminal that blindly followed others, whereas Bush, the chief architect of the Iraqi war, a top-class war criminal more hideous than Blair.

Obama, who caused such political mayhem and bloodshed like "Arab spring" and openly interfered in the internal affairs of Libya, Yemen, Syria and other sovereign states by force only to turn the "war on terrorism" into an endless one, far from making an apology for his predecessor's massacre of more than one million of innocent peaceable citizens in Iraq only, is also a thrice-cursed top class war criminal putting Bush in the shade.

War criminals deserve merciless punishment.

The fate of Hitler, Mussolini and Tozyo who brought unheard-of disasters to humankind eloquently proves it.

The day when heinous war maniacs Bush and Obama will meet deaths on gibbet is not a long way off.

Departed soul of the fascist war criminals who plunged into the cesspool of history 70 odd years ago is calling Bush and Obama, top-class war criminals in the 21st century.

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