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Revolutionary Slogans Put up by Kim Il Sung during Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle
Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung put up slogans indicating the path and fighting goals of the Korean revolution in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and encouraged the fighters and people to the final victory in the anti-Japanese revolution.

He started his revolutionary activities under the slogan "Go among the People!"

The slogan "As Fish Cannot Live without Water, Guerrillas Cannot Live without the People" in which anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners kept in their minds served as an ideological foundation of the army-people great unity for consolidating the blood ties between the fighters and people.

He brought up the children's corps members as reliable successors to the revolution and builders of liberated Korea. He put up the slogan to be held high by the children corps members "Let Us Be Always Ready for the Independence of Korea and the Liberation of the Proletarians of the Whole World!"

He established the shining tradition in the ideological work in the early period of the revolution and brought brilliant victories in the anti-Japanese war by dint of ideology. His feats are reflected in the slogan "Let Us Unite in One Thought and One Purpose" and his Songun revolutionary idea in slogans "Arms Are Our Lifeblood. Arms for Arms!"

He advanced such revolutionary and militant slogans as "Studying Is Also a Battle!" and "The First Task of the Revolutionaries Is to Study" and "The Korean Revolutionaries Must Know Korea Well".

His will to accomplish the Korean revolution by the efforts of the Korean people was clearly reflected in the revolutionary slogan "Let Us Carry Out the Korean Revolution by Our Own Efforts!"

He advanced the slogan "Let Us Make Efforts for the Final Victory in the Anti-Japanese Battle" in May, Juche 34 (1945) on the eve of the final decisive battle with the Japanese imperialists. It served as a banner of victory to make members of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, people's armed units and armed uprising organizations turn out in the preparations for final attack operation for liberating the country.

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