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Nature Museum, Central Zoo Introduced by Russian Media
Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- Russian media introduced the Nature Museum and the Central Zoo of the DPRK on July 29 and 31.

The Russian internet news Edednevnie Novosti Vladivostoka said in an article titled "Nature Museum and Central Zoo Change Appearance of Pyongyang":

The Nature Museum covering over 35 000 square meters houses the Space Hall, Paleozoic Era Hall, Mesozoic Era Hall, Cenozoic Era Hall, Animals Hall, Plants Hall, Gifts Hall, E-Library and Sci-tech Disseminating Room to give correct understanding and broad knowledge about nature to the people.

More than 40 animal sheds such as the Shed of Reptiles, Shed of Monkeys, Shed of Beasts, Shed of Elephants, Shed of Giraffes and Shed of Small Horses in the Central Zoo have been built in a peculiar and modern way to match the surrounding scenery.

The Nature Museum and the Central Zoo are leisure complexes for the people and mass educational bases built according to the far-reaching plan of the Workers' Party of Korea for building a highly civilized nation.

Russian internet news Bezformata. Ru and Bremya Peremon posted similar articles.

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