August 14. 2016 Juche 105
Congratulations to PM of Togo
Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Hits out at Germany's Projected Sale of Missiles to S. Korea
Joint Press Release
Floral Basket Laid before Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Foreign Guests Pay Tribute to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Grand Chorus of School Youth and Children Given in Pyongyang
Monument to Three Charters for National Reunification
Kim Il Sung's Feats for Korea's Liberation
Rodong Sinmun Denounces S. Korean Authorities for Moving to Cook up Triangular Military Alliance
S. Korean Women Demand Nullification of Humiliating "Agreement" with Japan
Teachers Union Suppressed in South Korea
Sixth Congress of General Association of Koreans in China Held
Tablet to Honor Kim Jong Il Unveiled in Russia
Tablet to Honor Kim Jong Il Unveiled in Kirov Plant, Russia
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Polish Website
Seminar on Exploits of Peerlessly Great Men of Mt. Paektu Held in Malaysia
Korea's Liberation Anniversary Marked in Mali, Nigeria
German Body Demands Repatriation of DPRK Citizens
German Organization Denounces U.S. Moves for Germ Warfare
Korea's Liberation, Event That Brought Change in People's Destiny: Nigerian Body
Russian Body Praises DPRK as Youth Power

For Spanish-speaking People
Portavoz del MINREX demanda el cese de la venta de misil de Alemania al Sur de Corea
Publicado comunicado conjunto de comites preparatorios para Conferencia Conjunta

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