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National House of Class Education
Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- The National House of Class Education was newly built near the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

What catches one's eyes are letters "Blood for Blood" carved in relief on its front wall, which makes visitors nurse revenge on enemies.

On display in the house are over 1 670 photos, 100-odd art works, including semi-panoramic pictures, wax replicas and sculptures, and 3,000 pieces of remains and evidence, which show the aggressive nature and brutalities of the U.S. and Japanese imperialists and the anti-national, anti-reunification moves of the class enemies.

Looking round the exhibits showing the U.S. history of aggression upon Korea and their crimes against the Korean nation, visitors come to be keenly aware of the true colors of the U.S. imperialists as robbers.

Among exhibits are those witnessing crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists to obliterate the Korean nation during their colonial rule over Korea as well as their hostile moves towards the DPRK.

The exhibits also show the anti-national and anti-reunification moves of the south Korean group of traitors and crimes committed by the class enemies.

The visit to the house makes all the servicepersons, working people, students and youth harden their will to make revenge upon the U.S. and Japanese imperialists and the class enemies at any cost.

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