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Uruguayan Paper Introduces S. Korean People's Struggle against Decision on THAAD Deployment
Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- The Uruguayan paper La Juventud on July 16 reported the news of the south Korean people's struggle against the decision on the deployment of THAAD.

It said:

At a time when the voices protesting against the decision on THAAD deployment are heard from every place of south Korea, the puppet prime minister and the defense minister of south Korea appeared in Songju County, North Kyongsang Province to hold a briefing on July 15.

The enraged inhabitants pelted eggs and water bottles at them.

The suit of the "prime minister" was stained with eggs all over and the briefing was suspended.

The puppet prime minister and suite members were cooped up in a bus by the attack of the protesters.

The paper carried photos of the south Korean people pelting eggs and water bottles at the puppet prime minister and suite members.

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